The Unconventional Life of Jeni Stolow

Do you know anyone who places frozen spoons every morning on her eyes just to wake herself up? Well if you know Jeni Stolow ’14, then you do! If you have not met her, you may have heard her infectious laugh or the “snap, crackle, pop” of her body! Her residents call her a bowl of Rice Krispies because you can hear the effects of her rheumatoid arthritis every time she moves!

Stolow balances four campus jobs with her extensive extracurricular activities and Health Behavior and Society Major, started a Substance Abuse Clinic, and even has a book in the works. On top of work, school, and extracurriculars, Stolow serves as an outreach coordinator for a non-profit organization in Haiti.

She’s “the most interesting person on this planet,” according to Courtney Wagner ’15, co- captain of women’s club soccer with Stolow. “She’ll say anything, whether it’s to make someone laugh or for an intelligent conversation.”

At 21, Stolow has traveled to all 48 continental states and has been proposed to by a stranger in Toronto, but even that doesn’t live up to her most interesting journey. When she was 16, she went on the fairly common trip with her language class over to Europe. Instead of sticking to the itinerary, when she touched down in France, Stolow and two friends embarked on a one month backpacking trip, only going to the necessary checkpoints to get in touch with their parents. The three friends had a joint credit card with an allotted amount for the month. However, one of the girls went on a shopping spree, leaving them with a third of their original budget, and worse still, proceeded to leave her European purchases behind on a train. Stolow, who has the skills to do just about anything she sets her mind to, used atypical means to travel from country to county. She worked in an Italian bakery for money; made it over to France where she waited tables at a café; and, eventually took refuge in Switzerland.

Stolow’s unconventional approach to travel may seem a bit strange, until you hear her family history. Her parents, who met at age 12, recently gave up their home in White Lake, New York (home of the infamous Woodstock) and left behind their pet bear so they could check off an item on their bucket list. Currently, they’ve taken up the pirate life, and are sailing around the Gulf of Mexico treasure hunting. Her parents’ relocation currently leaves Stolow ‘homeless’ but she plans to reside at graduate school following graduation.

One could say that Stolow’s adventures have made her wise beyond her years and helps her maintain a good life perspective. “No one cares about what kind of shirt you wear on a date,” she says, noting that she tries not to dwell on trivial matters. “Don’t take anything seriously, except helping people; that you should care about.”