Fall Leadership Conference Named Outstanding Program by Collegiate Association

Wilson Commons Student Activities – The 2011 Fall Leadership Conference hosted by Wilson Commons Student Activities in August has been honored with the Regional Outstanding Community Building Program award by the Association of College Unions International. The award is given annually to “a program that fosters the enhancement of the campus community.”

The conference was designed as a single, unified training experience for the more than 500 student organization leaders on campus.  Held at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center downtown, it also was an opportunity to give students an experience in a real-world professional setting off campus and connect them with the community to inspire leadership after graduation.

Multiple training sessions and mini seminars led by veteran leaders and University representatives provided students with tips on how to improve recruitment strategies, run meetings, create effective fundraising efforts, and organize community service programs. The attendees also were encouraged to connect with various University departments, as well as popular community resources such as Alumni Relations, Graphic Arts Services, Bobby K, and mtvU at the Vendor Expo.

This year’s Leadership Conference saw an increase in attendance as well as satisfaction—80 percent of students surveyed about the program said that they benefited from attending, compared to 67 percent in 2010. Encouraged by the success of the event and the ACUI award, Wilson Commons Student Activities is looking forward to continuing the education and guidance of student leaders at the University through future programs and conferences.