Video: Inside a Carillon Rehearsal

By Dan LaTourette ’12
Kauffman Entrepreneurial Year Student

I’d like to point out several crucial facets of my experience in filming the carillon and the carillonists. The main one, as the title of the piece expresses, is that this is a rehearsal. Mistakes were made and there are places in need of polish. But here is another thing to think about, every single person on campus can hear these rehearsals and, thus, they can hear all of these mistakes. Looking at it that way, their time spent in the cold room (well, cold in December, when this was filmed) on improving is both admirable and respectful.

The next thing to look at is the physicality involved in playing the carillon, notice how the carillonist, Rachel, moves back in forth on the bench as she plays the last several measures of the musical piece. Also take note the way in which they strike the baton (the ‘keys’ of the carillon); using fingers would be physically draining.

One last thing is that I had the option to use mixed sound for my video but I declined. As you will notice, there is a clunky sound that is associated with the striking of the baton. I chose to leave this sound in an attempt to show just how mechanical, metallic, and massive this instrument is. Moreover, it is a sound many do not have the opportunity to hear, a sound that is not apparent when listening to the carillon on campus.


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