Video: Learn more about MERT!

By Devin Embil

In the fall semester of 2013, I was approached by the River Campus Medical Emergency Response Team (R/C MERT) to film and produce a short promotional video highlighting the organization’s goals and operation. After filming for about 3 weeks with volunteers, I had all the necessary footage to create a short, yet informative video that I hope will further inform our student body about exactly what MERT does, and how they can be a vital resource to our University.

University of Rochester River Campus Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) is a basic life support (BLS), non-transporting EMS agency.  Since 1972, MERT has provided emergency medical assistance to the University of Rochester community.  All care is free, confidential, and provided by highly trained individuals. Their members come from a variety of EMS backgrounds and are volunteers. MERT welcomes all students, faculty and staff from the University of Rochester community to apply to join the organization. They strive to accept new members that will be dedicated and passionate about MERT.

In addition to providing emergency medical care, MERT is involved on campus and in the community.  MERT provides standby coverage to any event on campus and welcomes the opportunity to work with organizations and student groups to educate the community on health related issues.

For more general information on MERT, visit their website:

Devin Embil is a 5th year Kauffman Entrepreneurial Year (KEY) scholar at the University of Rochester. His project seeks to combine his majors (Film and Media Studies & Business) in order to create a student-run film and video production organization primarily to serve the undergraduate student body. The main idea is to create a platform for students interested in any and all aspects of filmmaking, including but not limited to acting, directing, camera, sound, and editing to work together on various film and video projects that groups and/or individuals within the University of Rochester community might need.  The organization is called BuzzReel Film & Video Productions and will be working on more projects in the coming semester and year.