Pass the Guacamole! Rochester Undergrads Attempt to Break Record for Longest Taco Line

Undergraduates at the University of Rochester adopted Taco Bell’s famous slogan by thinking “outside the bun,” as they attempted to create the World’s Longest Line of Tacos on Wednesday, Feb. 8. The attempt to break the Guinness world record was organized the 2013 Class Council, all in the name of school spirit.

“We were looking for an event that could bring the campus community together in a fun way,” said Nicholas Lewandowski, a member of the council who has been organizing the attempt since the summer. “We knew that we wanted to set a record, because no class council has done that before, and we thought the taco record was something we could break.”

Video, Photos Tell a Tale of Tacos

More than 50 students and staff lined up 1,036 soft shells side-by-side, smashing the  current record of 853 tacos, held by Michigan State University. The 1,000 plus tacos required 20 pounds of chicken, 20 pounds of lettuce, 20 pounds of cheese, and 20 pounds of re-fried beans.

While organizers are still waiting for the results to be confirmed by officials at Guinness, they are confident that the variety of methods they used to document the attempt, including video, photographs, and witness testimonials, will help secure the record.

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All of the food items needed for the attempt, which were given to students and staff to enjoy as a part of Wilson Commons Wednesdays, were compliments of Aramark, the University’s food service provider.