Knit One, Purl Two Adds Up to Fun for SOCKS

By Caitlin Mack ’12 (T5)
Univ. Communications

Have you seen a campus tree decked out in a school-spirited scarf? This is called “yarn bombing,” and it is the work of the Society of Crocheting & Knitting Students (SOCKS), a club that is new to Rochester.

With around 20 active members, SOCKS brings out the social aspects of crocheting and knitting by giving students a time and place where they can practice these crafts with other students, learn new skills, and work on group projects. By holding weekly meetings and other social and community events, SOCKS aims to spread the benefits of knitting and crocheting–including relaxation, accomplishment, and community–to students at Rochester.

Group members include beginner to experienced crocheters and knitters. “Most people pick one [crocheting or knitting] and then they might start learning the other,” says SOCKS President Bonnie Nortz ’15.

At every meeting the group does a “show-and-tell” to feature individual projects and help group members get to know each other. In addition to “yarn bombing” tree scarves during Meliora Weekend and Spirit Week, the group has several collaborative community-service projects in the works, such as the creation of a rainbow-colored quilt, stuffed animals, and baby items for Golisano Children’s Hospital, as well as shawls for St. John’s Retirement Home.

For Nortz, who has been knitting for seven years, the activity is more about just the finished product. “I knit in class because it keeps me awake,” she says. “For class lectures I pick projects that allow me to still pay attention to the teacher. It takes some practice.”

The group currently meets on Saturdays from 1 to 3 p.m. in Harper Lounge on the first floor of Susan B. Anthony. Email if you have any questions or would like to be on the mailing list.