CPP Offers Programming Grants

Office of the Dean of Students – The Communal Principles Project, an initiative of the College coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students, is seeking proposals for programs that represent the communal principle of respect.

As a principle, Respect is defined by the College’s Statement of Communal Principles as: “Respect for the basic dignity of self and others is essential to this community. Every person has the right to be treated with respect, regardless of the many differences that distinguish individuals and groups. Respect involves showing regard for others’ well-being and safety as well as for their personal property, personal space, and for their living, learning, and working activities. In addition, members of this community also have a responsibility to respect the properties and functions of the institution.”

In effort to encourage undergraduates of the College to develop a program or activity that exemplifies the spirit and purpose of respect to our community, the CPP is offering groups the chance to submit a proposal to be considered for a grant to help fund their programs. For more information on proposal submission and guidelines, visit www.rochester.edu/college/dos/communalprinciples/cpp.