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University Counseling Center (UCC)

An Ode to Sleep

A recent study found that only 11% of college students report feeling well rested and experiencing quality sleep. Additionally, 73% reported that they had occasional sleep problems. Why think about your sleep habits when you're busy studying for finals, reading for classes, and making time for your friends? Our brains are like a bank account and when we continuously don't get enough sleep, a debt starts to accrue which can cause mental and physical problems. Sleep deprivation can cause our immune systems to weaken, irritability, depression, decreased brain functioning and confusion. Additionally, memory problems often result from sleep deprivation. For example, studies show that students who pull all nighters tend to remember material for the test the next day but often need to start from scratch when approaching a final exam or mid-term. So how do you practice good sleep hygiene on campus?

Here are some useful tips:

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Compiled by Maria Saavedra, MA, for the University Counseling Center