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University Counseling Center (UCC)

Robert Pierce, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert A. Pierce graduated summa cum laude from Springfield College in 1959. He studied Theology at the University of Chicago from 1959 to 1961 before coming to the University of Rochester for his doctoral studies. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Rochester in June of 1965 and took a position at the Student Health Service in July. Bob was the first psychologist on the staff of what, several names later, has become the University Counseling Center. In 1973 Bob moved to part time status and has continued his association with the UCC since then.

Bob has a private practice working with individuals and couples. He has also run a group for women since 2002. He tries to use humor, curiosity and appreciation in helping his clients deal with their difficulties and concerns.

Bob has written about emotional expression in psychotherapy, working with dreams, treating couples and the use of humor in therapy. His non clinical writing has been short stories, memoir pieces and an almost-finished novel. Recently someone told him that a picture is worth a thousand words. Since then he has been making photographs. He's had some in shows, and has covered the walls of his waiting room with them.

Publications: (Selected)

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