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University Counseling Center (UCC)

How Counseling Can Help You Survive
the Zombie Apocalypse

Scenario #1

The alarm goes off and you instinctively cease its howling with a swift smack to the snooze button. You hear your roommate groan loudly in the bed next to you and you shake your head at his semi-conscious protest to the noise (like you WANT to get up this early). You shuffle out of bed, peer out the window and notice a group of students huddled over something on the sidewalk. You rub the sleep from your eyes and take another peek. Wait, is there blood on the ground? Is someone hurt? What is in their hands and mouths OMG THEY ARE TEARING APART YOUR CHEMISTRY PROFESSOR!!!! You pause and think, sweet, no organic chem test today but quickly the rest of your brain kicks in and confirms the bizarre reality unfolding in front of you. Those aren't students down there…ok, fine, technically they were, but now they are full-fledged, brain-hunting, walking, chomping, zombies. Let that sink in a bit more….ZOMBIES. You yell to your roommate to get up but are met with another loud groan from the peanut gallery. Your heart is racing, your palms are sweating, and you are cursing yourself for not bringing The Zombie Survival Guide with you when you moved into the dorms. What do parents know about what is "essential" for college? Panic is really starting to creep in and you turn around to forcefully rouse your roommate because you are NOT facing a zombie apocalypse alone. However, as your spin around you realize your roommate isn't in his bed anymore. He is actually standing about eight feet behind you. Oh, and BTW, he's a zombie too, complete with clouded corneas, grayish pallor, and a general UHHHH groan escaping from his lips.

How could counseling help you with this gem of a situation you ask? That panic that is washing over you? We can help with that. Now certainly panic when faced with a zombie is part of the normal fight or flight response. Nevertheless, if that panic causes you to freeze and have a full panic attack, immobilizing you and causing shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chest pain, choking sensations or fear of going crazy then your undead roommate is going to have a good chance of getting hold of your cranium, even if he is a Romero-type, slow zombie. Counseling at the UCC offers treatment for a range of anxiety disorders including social anxiety, generalized anxiety, phobias, and panic disorder. We have staff that can talk to you about medications that might curb anxiety as well as offer treatments such progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and systematic desensitization; cognitive behavioral treatments shown to be effective at controlling anxiety. Want a little more info now? Our website offers a self help section bursting with brains..uh..I mean bits of educational material.

Call (585) 275-3113 to schedule an appointment.

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Scenario #2

Ok, let's say you find your inner calm and are doing a bang-up job of controlling your fears. You get away from your roommate, out of the dorm, and attempt to join what looks like a group of other students not yet drugged/infected/possessed by the unknown zombie cause. You start to run toward them hoping to join their gang but you are, once again, crippled by worry. Will they accept me? Are they going to think I'm lame and judge me based on my chosen zombie fighting weapons? (A food tray from the dining hall and a Dwight Schrute bobblehead, you grabbed what you could.) The social worries and inhibitions that came up when you pledged that frat are rearing their ugly heads again. As you pause to contemplate your next move, zombies suddenly swarm you, and ironically, it's the guys from the frat you tried to pledge last year. They didn't want you then but boy, do they want a piece of you now.

How could counseling help? In addition to all the anxiety-lowering ideas we mentioned before, we can also help with assertiveness skills. Right now this would mean learning skills that could help you set boundaries in relationships or more easily ask that your needs get met in relationships. This could be anything from approaching a professor about a concern or request or telling your roommate that you need him or her to clean up the mini fridge. In the zombie scenario, it could mean using these skills to let the other humans know that a) you are totally still human and b) definitely need to tag along as the whole one-man wolf pack thing isn't working out.

We can also help you with difficulties in interpersonal relationships that could then help you be a better communicator, leader, partner, and friend. If you have all those skills mastered you could see yourself shoot from the role of "random coed in charge of third watch" to "the next Rick Grimes/Alice/Shaun." So prepare for your role as hero or heroine in the inevitable zombie apocalypse by getting help from UCC now. A little emotional preparation goes a long way. (As does canned goods and a Go-bag, so consider those too.)

Call (585) 275-3113 to schedule an appointment.

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Scenario #3

Maybe the most frightening situation is the perception that the apocalypse is here and you already feel like a zombie in your day-to-day life. You realize that you feel lethargic, disconnected, and numb as you shuffle through each class, each lunch, each day. Or maybe feeling so much emotional turmoil that you could identify with a desire to roam the streets ripping things apart or letting things go to utter chaos. It's hard to think about preparing for the future if the present has more despair than you think you can handle. If that feels true for you then we really encourage you to make an appointment to see one of our counselors. Issues with anger or depression are way more treatable than actual zombie infection, so there is more hope than you may think. Just try not to eat your counselor. No, not even one bite.

Call (585) 275-3113 to schedule an appointment.

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