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University Counseling Center (UCC)

Philosophy and Goals of Training

The basis of the UCC postdoctoral training program is an apprenticeship model that promotes the independent practice of the fellow and the achievement of competencies that are consistent with performances in positions in which advanced level psychologists function. To this end the postdoctoral fellowship is designed to add to skills and experiences already established by rounding out training (i.e., increasing one's depth and breadth of brief individual treatment and year-long group therapy, refining multicultural skills and sensitivity, working in a specialty area in clinical or consultation work) and develop one's level of teaching, supervising, and administrative work to a level commensurate with that of an already established psychologist.

The UCC training program is based in a belief of the importance of self-reflection and critical thinking in the practice of professional psychology. The model of training in which we collectively engage at UCC is best described by the concept of the "reflective practitioner" as defined by the experienced professional-in-action. We bring an intellectual rigor to the practice of our craft (therapy) and an unwavering reflection upon that practice (through supervision and seminars).

In consultation with the Director of Training, the Post-Doctoral Coordinator and other supervisory faculty, fellows select training experiences that add to their overall level of competence (i.e., advanced learning of time-limited treatment, increased competence as a supervisor/teacher etc.). Fellows are expected to teach a year-long Clinical Seminar, to supervise one to two graduate students per week, and to perform administrative functions typical of staff psychologists in counseling centers. The postdoctoral fellow may also assume a clinical specialty such as Group therapy, and Consultation work with specific issues or student groups, program development, or Multicultural Services specialization.

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