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Administrative Requests

Due to a Medical Reason

An administrative request is a request by a student for special consideration due to health reasons. Requests include the need to go on medical inactive status, the return to school from a medical inactive status, or a change in a housing assignment or dining plan due to a medical problem. The University Health Service reviews the medical aspects as they relate to the student's request. If the information supports the request for special consideration, UHS makes a recommendation to that effect. The recommendation is sent to the University office handling the request.

It is important to note that the University Health Service makes a recommendation; it does not grant the request. The University Health Service does not interfere with the operations of other University offices. Our role is to provide the supporting information they need to make their decision.

Please note that UHS does not make a recommendation for every medical condition that is presented to us. Issues that are taken into consideration when reviewing each case are as follows:

Required Information:

To process an administrative request due to a medical reason, we require:
From the Physician – A letter from the student's physician that indicates the following:

  1. Brief clinical summary stating why s/he has been treating the student, including a specific diagnosis. (For all food allergies, the letter must include foods that the student is allergic to, the severity of the allergic reaction, and whether it is an anaphylactic reaction.)
  2. Physician's recommendation (e.g., need to live in a residence hall with an elevator)
  3. Effective date
  4. Length of time this arrangement will be needed
  5. For students returning from medical inactive status, the physician should include a statement that indicates the student has recovered and is ready to return to his/her studies at the U of R.

From the Student – You should provide the following information to include with the physician's letter: Your name, UR ID #, phone number, CPU # or address, School/College, class year, and a statement indicating the accommodations you are requesting.

The above information should be mailed or faxed to Ralph Manchester, MD, Vice Provost and Director, University Health Service, Box 270617, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York 14627-0617. The fax number is 585-756-0263.


You will be notified once a decision has been made and the recommendation has been sent to the appropriate office.

If you have questions about administrative requests, contact Michelle Livingston, Assistant to the Vice Provost and Director of the University Health Service at 585-275-2679 or

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