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University Health Service (UHS)

Confidentiality & Patient Rights

UHS Confidentiality Policy

All visits to UHS are confidential. UHS will not share any information about the fact or nature of a patient's visit to UHS without the patient's permission. Notification of others, including friends, parents/guardians, supervisors, and University administrators and faculty, is considered the patient's responsibility unless the condition is life-threatening and the patient is unable to assume responsibility for informing others. Parental notification and consent will be obtained for patients under age 18 as required by law.

UHS Patient Rights & Responsibilities

At UHS, patients are treated with respect, dignity, and privacy in a caring and considerate manner. Patients are assured of confidentiality regarding their care and records and have a right to approve or refuse the release of their records, except when required by law or in a life-threatening situation. Patients are responsible for being honest, discussing their concerns openly, acting in a considerate and cooperative manner, and following through with agreed-upon care. To assure our patients are treated in a manner recognizing their basic human rights, the University Health Service has established a listing of Patient Rights and Responsibilities.

Respect for Diversity

The staff members of the University Health Service appreciate the value of human differences. The University Health Service vigorously opposes all intolerance and discrimination concerning differences including, but not limited to, the following: age; gender identity/expression; marital status; physical size; psychological, physical, or learning disability; race/ethnicity; religious, spiritual, or cultural identity; sex; sexual orientation; socioeconomic status; veteran status.

Notice of Privacy Practices Statement

View a copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices Statement.

UHSConnect – To communicate with UHS/UCC health care providers

UHSConnect, a secure web portal fully integrated in the UHS/UCC electronic health record, is designed to provide non-urgent e-communications between UHS and UCC health care providers and patients. UHSConnect can be used to send messages to your UHS/UCC provider(s) and to receive messages, lab, and other test results from your UHS/UCC provider(s). All information communicated via UHSConnect is secure, confidential and becomes a part of your UHS/UCC electronic health record. For more information…