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University Health Service (UHS)

Occupational Health Care

The University Health Service works to improve the health and safety of the University community. Certain programs are mandated by Federal and State agencies and the University of Rochester to ensure that operations do not have an adverse effect on students and staff. The University Health Service provides occupational health services for non-hospital employees.

Please Note: Occupational health services for hospital-based employees and any University employee who has a blood borne pathogen exposure (e.g., needle stick, eye splash) is provided by Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM). Call OEM at 487-1000 for assistance.

Occupational health services offered by UHS

Important Phone Numbers:

275-4955    UHS occupational health services – for non-hospital-based employees

275-2662    UHS appointment scheduling – for UHS primary care patients

487-1000    Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) for hospital-based employees

275-3241    Environmental Health and Safety


Personal Health Care Services for Employees

Members of the University community and their family members over age 16 are welcome to choose a UHS physician as their primary care provider. If you would like to select a UHS physician as your primary care physician, contact Karen Lock, UHS Billing Manager, by e-mail ( or phone (585-275-2638). For more…

For more information about UHS occupational health services, write to or call (585) 275-4955.