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HPV Vaccine Available at UHS

HPV Vaccine Available at UHS

Are you interested in receiving the HPV vaccine? UHS will be holding HPV vaccine clinics throughout the year to meet the needs of students interested in receiving the vaccine. Students will be asked to schedule an appointment to receive the HPV vaccine at one of the clinics. The first clinic will be held on Sunday, September 15. Please call UHS after August 1 to schedule an appointment for this clinic. The number to call is 585-275-2662.(See below for more information about the HPV vaccine clinics.)

The vaccine is given in three doses with Dose 2 given 1-2 months after Dose 1 and Dose 3 given 6 months after the first dose. When you receive HPV vaccine at UHS, we will schedule an appointment for the next dose of the vaccine before you leave UHS. You will receive a text reminder a few days before your appointment.

The UR Student Health Insurance Plan (Aetna) covers the cost of the vaccine. If you are on another insurance plan, please verify your coverage with your insurance company before you receive the vaccine. Some plans do not cover the vaccine when you receive it out of the area in which you live.

HPV Vaccine Clinics – 2019-2020 Academic Year

UHS has scheduled three HPV vaccine clinics for the 2019-2020 academic year. The dates are:

  • Sunday, September 15
  • Sunday, November 10
  • Sunday, March 29

These dates were selected to help students complete the three doses of the vaccine on schedule. Students will be able to receive any dose at the clinics.

If You Have Questions:

If you have questions about receiving the HPV vaccine at UHS, you can call the UHS Health Information Line at 585-275-1160 to speak with a registered nurse, or you can schedule an appointment to speak with your UHS primary care provider. The number to call to schedule an appointment is 585-275-2662.

For Information about HPV and the HPV Vaccine:

Check the CDC website at: