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Health History Form Deadline Extended to July 31

Some incoming full-time undergraduate and graduate students have not received the Health History Form in the mail due to interruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. UHS expects students will receive the form in the mail within the next few weeks. Full-time students must complete and submit the original Health History Form. UHS cannot accept a paper or electronic copy of the form. Only the original form can be accepted.

The deadline for submitting the form has been extended to Friday, July 31. 

 We have the following recommendations for you:

1. Check the list of required immunizations to see which immunizations are required to complete the Health History Form. Please pay particular attention to the immunizations listed under the heading, “New York State Requirements for FULL-TIME STUDENT.”
2. Request a copy of your immunization record from your doctor or your school. Ask that the document be signed.
3. Arrange to receive any missing immunizations. If you are unable to receive immunizations before you come to the University of Rochester, you will be able to receive the immunizations at the University Health Service.
4. Make a copy of your immunization record to keep for your files. You will be able to attach a copy of your immunization record to your Health History Form. If your record is signed, that signature will be sufficient. You will not need an additional signature on the form.
5. When you receive your Health History Form, enter your immunization information into the appropriate boxes. Use a #2 pencil or a black pen when completing the form.
6. Complete the Allergy and Medication List. You can complete this form ahead of time.
7. Mail the Health History Form and accompanying documents to the University Health Service in the envelope provided. We must receive the original copy of the form. We cannot accept a copy or a fax of the form.
Registering for UHSConnect: Due to Covid-19 we were delayed in uploading students into our student system for UHSConnect. We expect to have all students in our system by the end of July. We recommend waiting until the beginning of August to register. Thank you for your patience.

If you do not expect the Health History Form will arrive by mail before you are scheduled to arrive on campus, you should bring the form and your immunization record with you. You will need to bring your form to the University Health Service within 1-3 days of your arrival on campus.

Do you have questions about completing the Health History Form?

If you do, we recommend checking our FAQ document. This document provides answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you do not see the answer to your question, please write to for assistance.