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University Health Service (UHS)

Welcome from the University Health Service (UHS) . . .

Congratulations on your admission. Welcome to the University of Rochester!

The University Health Service (UHS) has two types of requirements for health profession students to complete prior to the start of classes. The first is the Health History & Immunization, and physical forms, which are used to document a student's health history and required immunizations. The second requirement is completion of the Online Insurance Process. Instructions for completing these follow.


Please complete and return these forms to the University Health Service (UHS). You may wish to make a copy of the forms for yourself before mailing the originals to the University Health Service.


All full-time students must have health insurance for medical care, mental health, catastrophic illness and injury, and prescription medication. The University Health Service sponsors a health insurance plan for students. Students can enroll in University-sponsored insurance plan or waive the plan if they have health insurance coverage that meets University insurance criteria. (See criteria in box below.) Spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children of students may also enroll in the plan. Information about the University-sponsored insurance plan is available on the UHS web site. (

Online Insurance Process: Every year all full-time students must complete the Online Insurance Process to document their insurance coverage for the year. The process must be completed online between June 6 and September 15 for fall entering students and between November 15 and January 31 for Winter/Spring entering students. Completing the process by June 30 (for students entering in fall) will help assure accurate coverage and billing by the start of classes. Students not completing the Online Insurance Process by the deadline will be enrolled in the University-sponsored insurance plan and may experience delays in access to coverage.

Requests for waiver of the University-sponsored insurance plan are audited to verify coverage and to assure compliance with University insurance criteria. If your request for waiver is denied, you will be enrolled in the University-sponsored insurance plan.

Before completing the Online Insurance Process, review the University insurance criteria listed below. If you have coverage or are considering coverage through an international-based insurance company, please read the section, International-Based Insurance Companies, below.

International-Based Insurance Companies: International-based plans generally do not meet University standards for waiver. Students who have insurance with an international-based insurance company are encouraged to enroll in the University-sponsored plan. Students with international insurance can appeal enrollment in the University-sponsored insurance by submitting an Insurance Verification Appeal Form by August 15 (January 15 for Winter/Spring). All waiver requests are audited. Students whose plans cannot be verified as meeting criteria will be enrolled on the UR-sponsored plan.

Questions: UHS Insurance Advisors are available to assist students with questions about health insurance. They can be reached at

University Insurance Criteria: To be eligible for waiver of the University-sponsored insurance, the student's health insurance plan:

MANDATORY HEALTH FEE – In addition to health insurance, all full-time students must pay the mandatory health fee. This fee covers primary care visits to the University Health Service (UHS); evaluation, counseling, and referral services at the University Counseling Center (UCC); the availability of a physician and a mental health professional on-call when the offices are closed; health promotion programs and services; and public health surveillance. This fee will be included on your tuition billing statement. The mandatory health fee cannot be waived.