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Health Promotion Office

Health Care IQ

What’s your health care IQ? Navigating personal health care can be challenging, especially for college students who may be on their own for the first time. Our programs and services can help you answer questions, such as:

  • Do I have a cold or the flu?
  • What so I do if I get Norovirus?
  • What vaccines do I need and where do I get them?
  • How do I properly wash my hands?

NYS Immunization Collaborative

two young women in oversized sunglasses, with a sign reading 'I've Been Vaccinated'In August 2016, the University Health Service (UHS) joined the New York State Immunization Collaborative. This group of 17 colleges and universities, located throughout the state, works to increase the number of students receiving Tdap, flu, and HPV vaccine.

Strategies implemented during the 2016–17 academic year included:

  • Offering several flu and HPV vaccine clinics
  • Increasing the number of student patients asked about the vaccines during visits to UHS
  • Involving students in the promotion of the vaccine
  • Informing students on the Aetna Student Health insurance about coverage of the vaccines

Upcoming Clinic Schedule

HPV Vaccine – Call 585-275-2662 to schedule an appointment.
UHS will hold an HPV Vaccine Clinic on Sunday, March 25. This clinic is now full. Students who want to receive the HPV vaccine at UHS can schedule an appointment by calling 585-275-2662. No additional HPV Vaccine Clinics are planned for the spring semester.
Flu Vaccine
No additional Flu Vaccine Clinics are scheduled for the spring semester. Students can schedule an appointment to receive a flu shot at UHS by calling 585-275-2662.

Consumer Education

shelves with books and suppliesThroughout the year, the Health Promotion Office educates students on a variety of self-care topics. Examples include:

  • Care for colds and flu
  • Hand washing
  • Navigating your student health care

We also work with students on the University of Rochester Student Health Advisory Committee (URSHAC).