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University Health Service (UHS)
Health Promotion Office

Smoking Cessation

University Health Service (UHS)
Phone:     275-2662
UHS Locations & Hours

Payment: The cost of visits to UHS is covered by the mandatory health fee paid by full-time students. For other patients, visits are on a fee-for-service basis.

UHS Health Promotion Office
Phone:     273-5775
UHS Locations & Hours

University Counseling Center (UCC)
Phone:     275-3113
UCC Locations & Hours

Other Campus Services

Colleges Against Cancer

Colleges Against Cancer is a nationwide collaboration of college students, faculty, and staff dedicated to eliminating cancer by initiating and supporting programs for cancer education in college communities. CAC sponsors events and programs for cancer-related education and fundraising, including the Great American Smoke-out and the Relay for Life. For contact information, check the Campus Club Connection website.

For more information, contact Linda Dudman in the UHS Health Promotion Office at (585) 273-5770 or

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