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If you have questions about health insurance for families offered through the University Health Service, contact the UHS Insurance Advisor at

Health Insurance
for Your Domestic Partner

Domestic partners must meet specific criteria to be eligible to enroll in the insurance offered through the University Health Service. Click here for information about enrolling your domestic partner in health insurance.

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University Health Service (UHS)

Health Insurance for Families

If your spouse and children will be with you in Rochester, we recommend that you purchase health insurance for them to help cover the cost of your family's health care needs while you are a student. Health insurance generally covers the cost of services such as hospitalization, surgery, and diagnostic laboratory tests and x-rays. The amount of coverage will depend on the insurance plan you choose. Health insurance will not cover all of your family's health care needs. You are responsible for paying for costs not covered by your insurance plan.

Insurance Options for Families:

Insurance through US Affordable Care Act Insurance Exchange

Students with a US Social Security number and history of paying taxes in their state of residence may be eligible for insurance through the US Affordable Care Act Insurance Exchange in that state. For those in New York, go to For those from other states, do an internet search for the corresponding website or use Students, regardless of place of residence, who are parents of newborns should also check the insurance exchange websites for coverage options for their children. International graduates continuing in special University-sponsored programs (like OPT) in the United States should check with the International Services Office (ISO) for information about HTH Worldwide.

Completing the Online Insurance Process

Each year every full-time student, whether new or returning, must complete the Online Insurance Process during Fall Open Enrollment (June 1-September 15) to select their insurance coverage for the year. The link to the online insurance process is in the Quick Links box on the UHS home page.

For more information about the Online Insurance Process, click here.

Costs for the Mandatory Health Fee + the UR Student Health Insurance Plan

2017-2018 Health Fees
(August 1, 2017- July 31, 2018)
Student Spouse/Domestic
One Child 2 or More Children
UR Student Health
Insurance Plan
$2,292 $2,292 $2,292 $4,584
Mandatory Health Fee $600 $600 N/A** N/A**
Total Fee $2,892 $2,892
(+ $2,892
for student)
(+ $2,892
for student)
(+ $2,892
for student)
* A domestic partner is a person living with the student as a domestic partner with whom the student cannot legally marry, e.g., partner of the same sex. Check Insurance for Domestic Partners on this web site for eligibility guidelines for domestic partners.

** The option to pay the mandatory health fee and receive services at UHS and UCC is not available for children under age 16.
Add $2,892 if spouse will also enroll in the UR Student Health Insurance Plan

In Summary:


Contact the UHS Insurance Advisor at if you have questions about the UR Student Health Insurance Plan.