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Responding to the Student with Choice of Major or Career Concerns

Career Service provides comprehensive services for students who have the following issues:

For the student who is undecided about a major:

  • The majority of the student population is undecided about choice of major.
  • Many students will change their major several times prior to choosing one that is right for them.
  • Self-exploration is the course of action for students choosing to identify a potential major. Career Services can help assist students with navigating exploration and strategizing on initiatives for students to pursue to assist them with declaring a major.

For the student who is undecided about a career path:

  • Many students will choose a major but need assistance with understanding traditional and non-traditional career paths.
  • Students often associate the more well known professions with their course of study and need assistance with career exploration to understand professions that they did not know existed.
  • Students will often need assistance in realizing that the path to a particular career is not necessarily linear. A major in “X” does not limit you to a profession in “Y”.

For the student who is looking to gain experience or employment:

  • Students may want to clarify their career goals and utilize experiential learning opportunities to confirm their choice of major and occupational interests.
  • Students may need assistance with developing a comprehensive job search process utilizing various methods and resources to assist with obtaining employment.

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