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What You Should Know About Student Problems

  • Stress, pressures, and problems are a normal part of college life. While many students cope with these demands successfully, a significant number of students have difficulties which interfere with their performance.
  • Studies indicate that in a group of 100 students with equal numbers of men and women, at least:
    • 30 students will have divorced parents
    • 15 students will have a substance-abusing parent
    • 10 students will themselves have a substance abuse problem
    • 10 students will suffer from discernible emotional problems like depression, anxiety, and other more serious conditions
    • 15 female students will be victims of rape or sexual abuse
    • 6 female students will have an eating disorder
    • 4 male students will be victims of sexual abuse
    • 3 female (traditional age) students will become pregnant during their college years
  • An even greater number of students experience developmental problems in adjusting to college life and adulthood, such as defining identity, relating to others, and identifying educational goals.
  • The more common difficulties in adjustment as well as more serious emotional problems affect students’ academic performance, personal effectiveness, and the quality of life in the campus community.
  • Thus, identifying students in need of help and assisting them in getting help are important responsibilities for all of us in the campus community.

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