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University Counseling Center

Alcohol Use Awareness

Do you wonder at times if you drink too much?

Have you done things that you’ve regretted while drinking? Or had things done to you while you were under the influence of alcohol that you find distressing?

Do you have friends who seem to overdo their partying?

The University Counseling Center is available to help with these and many other issues and concerns students face. Below are links to resources that may be helpful to you in assessing your own alcohol use, determining whether (and how) to intervene with a friend you suspect may be using alcohol in destructive ways, as well as information on some of the consequences of alcohol abuse.

Should you need assistance regarding yourself or someone else, counselors at UCC are available by calling 585-275-3113 or coming to the Center on the 3rd floor of the University Health Service building.

Helpful Alcohol Use Awareness reading and links