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Project Delay and Replanning

Our external consultant, JJH Consulting along with Workday, conducted a qualitative and quantitative assessment in January to determine our readiness for the UR Student project go-live. Based on the results of the assessment and the feedback from the community, they recommended that the University take a few more months to appropriately prepare for the changes that UR Student will bring to administrative processes and procedures. Change management is a critical element of all major projects and it is essential to take the time needed to work through the appropriate change management activities. 

The key messages from the assessment are:

  • The team has made great progress
  • The team is organized and focused
  • The volume of work between now and July will not be completed in a quality manner with a go-live in July; the quantitative analysis proves this out.
  • The prudent thing to do is delay ASAP, replan for a go-live prior to end of 2019 and aggressively move forward with that plan

We are estimating a 4-6 month delay with a go-live beginning prior to the end of 2019. The exact date of go-live will depend on the outcome of planning activities to occur over the next couple of weeks and at that time, the project team will engage the key stakeholders to vet the recommendation. Our intention is to target getting the system ready by early summer with the remaining time focused on organizational readiness in the form of Day-in-the-Life and system integration testing, community change management and training.

In support of this decision, the project team will be taking these immediate next steps:

  1. Replan project for a new go-live date, including monthly milestones that have to be addressed to meet the new project timeline
  2. Assess impact of the delay to the schools (e.g., business decisions delayed until UR Student go-live will need to be reviewed)
  3. Develop Readiness Plans for each school to ensure acceptance of the system and processes
  4. Redevelop the Cutover Plan
  5. Develop a plan to proactively monitor project team burnout and morale

Some of you may be invited to participate in planning activities, especially cutover discussions, over the next couple of weeks. We are asking you to afford us what flexibility you can with your schedules as we would like to formalize a plan pretty quickly so the team has a roadmap to follow. 

You are an incredibly engaged community. We appreciate your feedback and support… and remain committed to delivering a modern student administration system that will serve as a foundation to grow and develop for years to come. 

Thank you,

UR Student Project Sponsors
 Kathy Blackmon
 Elizabeth Milavec
 Julie Myers
Nancy Specht