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Essential Terms—Academic Level, Period, & Units in UR Student

Audience: Advisors, Faculty Advisors Bursars, Office Staff

A new system always means learning new terminology. Because UR Student will be replacing some longstanding foundational terms used at the University, we’re going to highlight a number of the essentials as we build a repository of approved terms. If you don’t see what you need defined on the UR Student terminology page, just use our Glossary Search (accessible from the left-side navigation).

Where will these terms/data be seen?

During January Demo Days, you may have heard the project’s subject matter experts reference a few of the new terms below while navigating behind the scenes in the system. They can appear as functional terms and data elements within key functional areas that will impact student records.

  • Academic Level (e.g. Undergraduate)
  • Academic Period (e.g. Fall 2020)
  • Academic Unit (e.g. school, college)
  • Degree Level (e.g. Bachelor’s, Master’s)

Advisors and others involved with helping students will see Academic Level, Academic Period and Academic Unit (AU) referenced from UR Student’s Academic Advisor Dashboard (i.e. My Advisees). This advisor gateway associated with student profiles will offer data reporting, such as in the examples below.

Registrars may see these terms in other key areas when searching for course information using the Find Course Definition screen below, as shown in our December Demo Days.

Stay ahead of the curve
As new terms become available, we’ll be posting about them on UR Student News. Our next infographic will feature Course Section Reference and how this new ID format will affect grading, registration, and communicating with students.