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UR Student

Can I get a sneak preview of UR Student?

Yes. Register for our Demo Days events to see live demonstrations of the UR Student system, or Playback previous Demo Days sessions. A sneak preview of UR Student was also recorded from our UR Student project kickoff held on October 2nd, 2017.

Demonstrations are now offered to the public as part of our monthly Demo Day events. Event information is announced on our News page 2 weeks prior to the event.

What is the vision for the student system replacement project, aka UR Student?

The University of Rochester envisions reliable, high-quality student information systems and processes that will:

  • Be flexible and extendable, accommodating current priorities and requirements, and have the ability to easily evolve with changing and as yet unforeseen academic and administrative realities such as new forms of assessment and outcome tracking
  • Provide robust data capture and reporting capabilities, and verified, complete data to allow the University and our schools to better understand and support progress toward strategic goals, and the progress of our students toward their academic goals.
  • Provide a single integrated source for core student data and services, and easier, real-time, integration with ancillary and third-party systems
  • Create a personalized system that provides users with the information and services they need, when and where they need it
  • Result in configurable, reliable and automated processes for students, faculty and staff to achieve better outcomes with less effort

What is a cohort in UR Student?

Student cohorts are specific groups of students you define based on certain criteria. You can use student cohorts in:

  • Advising
  • Eligibility rules
  • Enrollment unit limits for specific student populations
  • Registration appointments to assign priority registration
  • Custom reports

What are the benefits of using cohorts?

It is the only mechanism in the new system to attach an advisor to a group of students, and affords a deeper dive into the student (e.g. for transcripts, registration). Certain functionality requires cohorts to enforce policy. However, there are many ways to group students through reports that don’t require a cohort.

How have they been designed?

The UR Student project team has been gathering ideas from the Advising SIG via Word or Excel Student Cohort Worksheets available on the Advising SIG materials page. We’re keeping an inventory of all the cohorts being identified, so please reach out to Sean Hanna as needs arise.

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What are the guiding principles for the project?

The guiding principles for the UR Student project team are as follows:

  • We will adopt common business practices wherever possible to support a consistent experience. We will differ only where absolutely required
  • We will structure data to improve our collective reporting and analytic capabilities
  • We will automate activity and processes to enable staff to improve service for all stakeholders
  • We value integrated systems and processes over disparate systems and processes
  • We will adapt business and academic practices as necessary to implement an effective solution
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When will UR Student Go Live?

The project timeline will show the start and end date (Go Live) for the project. Visit the Timeline page to learn more about this and the functional areas impacted.

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Who can I contact with questions I have on the UR Student project or system?

Contact a Team Lead with any question or comment you may have.

  1. Use the Contact Us page on our website and a Team Lead will get back to you within 1-2 days
  2. To see who from your area is participating on the team refer to the listing below. Select one to view the Special Interest Group members and Team Leads
    1. Student Records  SIG
    2. Student Finance SIG
    3. Student Advising SIG
    4. Admissions SIG
    5. Faculty Team
    6. Institutional Research and Information Technology SIG
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How can I learn about this project and expected changes?

Below are several methods to get informed about our project’s goals and activities:

  1. Get Oriented: UR Student website
    1. The best place to begin your information journey is to visit our website on a regular basis. Information will be pushed via our distribution list and subscribers of our website.  Members will initially receive email posts on a monthly basis regarding project happenings then the frequency will increase as the project progresses. Visit the News page and subscribe today!
  2. Gain Knowledge: Attend project events
    1. Attend monthly Demo Days events for an opportunity to see the system first hand and learn how the project solution will impact you. These events will be open to anyone interested in understanding the new system’s functionality, project progress and how to prepare for this change. It is most advantageous for registrars, bursars, student finance, plus support staff and faculty from the University, including the School of Medicine and Dentistry (Graduate Division), School of Nursing and Eastman Institute of Oral Health to attend and learn about direct impacts to student system processes and provide feedback.
  3. Chat with a Team Lead: Contact a team lead, or SIG member for specific questions
    1. For one on one discussions, contact your Special Interest Group Team Leader(s) or representative listed on our website based on your functional area and work type
      1. Student Records Team
      2. Student Finance Team
      3. Student Advising
      4. Admissions Team
      5. Financial Aid Team
      6. Institutional Research and Information Technology Team
      7. Faculty Team
  4. Meet and Greets: Request a Focused Presentation to your Department
    1. The project leadership team is available to attend any standard faculty or staff meeting to help communicate the project initiatives and participate in a departmental dialogue. Ask your departmental leadership for a presentation from the UR Student Team.
  5. At any time, use the Contact Us page on our website and a Team Lead will get back to you within 1-2 days
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What systems will be impacted by this project?

Several direct and ancillary systems will be impacted by the implementation of this project. A preliminary list is outlined under the Timeline main menu:

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How do I prepare for this change?

There are many ways to prepare for the new student system, based on your role, See FAQ – How can I learn about this project and expected changes?

All Staff, Students and Faculty (except the SMD MD Program faculty) will be impacted by this project. Specific learning options will be detailed on their respective pages as we approach our go live date. Project events (public and by invitation only) are scheduled on our website Calendar.

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How can I get involved?

  • Attend Demo Days sessions and provide design feedback during the Design and Development stage of the project
  • Participate in test planning and come test the system and confirm results during our Testing phase
  • Attend training sessions to learn more during Training
  • Become a project change agent and help your peers use UR Student at Go Live
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