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UR Student


As Functional Leads continue to discover new vocabulary terms, they will add them to the Data Cookbook Glossary accessible on the left navigation of this site. Below is a short list of new terms used on this project.

Academic Level (Division)

  • This includes division 1, 2, or 3 in SIS (UG, Grad, Med). There are many more levels in UR Student to assist with administration of programs.

Academic Periods

  • Refers to Term/Semester/Quarter. These are dynamic dates.

Academic Units

  • Refers to Schools/Colleges/Departments


  • Used any time a student has to be attached to an advisor and to group students by attributes for which there is not a field in WD


  • Degree


  • A collection of reports tailored to the user or role

Eligibility Rules

  • System-based guardrails to enforce policies


  • Registration

Faceted Search

  • A search where the end user has the ability to identify particular criteria for a population.


  • Targeted communications for new and returning students to ensure that tasks and other necessary documentation are completed (FERPA, Financial Responsibility Agreement, etc.).

Programs of Study

  • Includes Certificates, Majors, Minors, Cluster


  • An instance system environment of UR Student (Workday) where project design and testing work is done. There are several tenants the project team uses for Conversions, Configuration, Integrations, etc.. This will combine into a production build for go live.