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UR Student Community Forum November 6th - Join Us!

One year to the day the UR Student project is offering another Community Forum for Faculty, Staff and Students. Join us to get the latest information on the project's progress and support available when the system goes live this February! We encourage you to attend in-person to participate in special activities including ask the expert stations, ice cream sundae bar and a playful review of UR Student terms with prizes.

Please sign up to attend in person (option only)

Note: A Zoom video recording will be posted on our News page one week after the event.

Date and Time:
November 6th from 3:00-4:30PM

Hawkins-Carlson Room at Rush Rhees Library

Come enjoy special UR Student experiences:

  • A 30-minute presentation on current project activities, preparing for go-live and support options in February 2020

  • Informal gathering with an ice cream sundae bar; individual Q&A with our Subject-Matter experts

  • Have fun with our UR Student terms and win PRIZES

We hope to see you there! Please register to attend in-person (option only).

SOLD OUT - Instructors and Faculty Advisors to Attend UR Student Hands-on Events

These events have been sold out. If you have questions, or are interested and cannot attend, please contact us to be added to a waitlist.

Change management is about helping ease the transition to a new system and its processes. We have designed these Hands-on, non-training sessions to offer Instructors and Faculty Advisors valuable exposure to UR Student in advance of formalized training in February 2020.

Instructor topics will be covered in the first 25 minutes (Faculty Advisors are welcome to participate). At the break, Instructors can leave the session and Faculty Advisors stay the remaining time (60 minutes) to experience select advising tasks in UR Student.

Space is limited, so please determine the timeframe that best suits your needs, and register for your hands-on session soon.  If you are interested in this OPTIONAL session, sign up to attend ONE live hands-on session of the UR Student system.

Please feel free to arrive at 8:30 AM, we will begin promptly at 9 AM.

October 31st 9:00 – 10:30 AM


November 1st 9:00 – 10:30 AM

[9:00– 9:25 AM]
•Instructor topics include finding the teaching schedule, Course section roster and entering final grades.

[5-minute BREAK] - Instructors may leave during this break

[9:30– 10:30 AM]
•Faculty Advisors topics include viewing advisee information with a click of the mouse using My Advisees worklet; exploring cohorts and advising; viewing the support network, the student summary screen, viewing student academics and examining advisee notes.

*Pre-requisite; prior to attending any hands-on session, participants should watch these 2 short videos.

Note: Separate hands-on opportunities will be held for Student Finance staff in April 2020.

Essential Terms—Academic Level, Period, & Units in UR Student

Audience: Advisors, Faculty Advisors Bursars, Office Staff

A new system always means learning new terminology. Because UR Student will be replacing some longstanding foundational terms used at the University, we’re going to highlight a number of the essentials as we build a repository of approved terms. If you don’t see what you need defined on the UR Student terminology page, just use our Glossary Search (accessible from the left-side navigation).

Where will these terms/data be seen?

During January Demo Days, you may have heard the project’s subject matter experts reference a few of the new terms below while navigating behind the scenes in the system. They can appear as functional terms and data elements within key functional areas that will impact student records.

  • Academic Level (e.g. Undergraduate)
  • Academic Period (e.g. Fall 2020)
  • Academic Unit (e.g. school, college)
  • Degree Level (e.g. Bachelor’s, Master’s)

Advisors and others involved with helping students will see Academic Level, Academic Period and Academic Unit (AU) referenced from UR Student’s Academic Advisor Dashboard (i.e. My Advisees). This advisor gateway associated with student profiles will offer data reporting, such as in the examples below.

Registrars may see these terms in other key areas when searching for course information using the Find Course Definition screen below, as shown in our December Demo Days.

Stay ahead of the curve
As new terms become available, we’ll be posting about them on UR Student News. Our next infographic will feature Course Section Reference and how this new ID format will affect grading, registration, and communicating with students.

Register for a 90-Minute UR Student “Hands-on” (non-training) Session

Change management is about easing transition—especially to the new systems and processes going live this October when we flip the switch on UR Student’s first phase. To better prepare you for these seminal technology changes, we're hosting a limited number of Hands-on Summer Sessions designed to offer valuable exposure (vs formal training). More than just a sneak preview, each will address the select needs of three impacted end-user groups while touching on basics everyone will need to know. From seeing the system through a student’s eyes to navigating through its foundational elements, these dynamic, guided immersion tours will show you the future. In a few months’ time the real training begins—don’t miss a chance to get a very real back-to-campus edge while you can.

Each session will show you the basics of navigation and how students will see the system as well as specifics for impacted groups. To be added to a waitlist Contact us

  • ** SOLD OUT Sign up for a time on July 15th - Topics include understanding dashboards; searching for and creating a course; viewing student records; manually adding/removing holds; locating and viewing a program of study; and administratively registering a student and dropping/withdrawing them.
  • ** SOLD OUT  Sign up for a time on July 30th - Topics include learning how to find a course and a report; creating and editing a course section; viewing an advising cohort, student record, and a program of study; releasing a hold; and approving a plan.
  • ** SOLD OUT  Sign up for a time on August 1st OR Sign up for August 8th from 8:30-10 AM - Topics include viewing the advisee worklet/dashboard; exploring cohorts and advising; viewing the support network, the student summary screen, the student, and viewing student academics; and examining advisee notes.

Where: Digital Media Lab in Ronald Rettner Hall (Room 201) building map

Choose a session (one only) based on your current tasks; UR Student's role-based security limits some functionality.

Space is limited, so please determine the timeframe that best suits your needs, and register for your Hands-on Session soon.

Quick Pre-requisite Video
View this short UR Student navigation tutorial to view before attending your scheduled session.

Note: Separate Hands-on opportunities will be held for Instructors and Faculty Advisors in October 2019 and for Student Finance staff in April 2020. If you have any questions about the Hands-on Sessions listed here or the future events referenced, please feel free to contact us.

UR Student's Next Steps

What’s next now that we are moving along on our new timeline? With registrars slated to maintain course information in UR Student at the October go-live, logical next steps involve completing the system's configuration, "end-to-end" and “day-in-the-life” testing preparations. We’re also taking advantage of this time to develop our multi-solution training approach and additional community-readiness activities for each go-live date across the University.

Targeted Activities
The project director and change management team kicked off the newly appointed “Project Champions” discussing the Champion role, tasks and approach to manage the change within each school. Session agendas include attending workshops that explain UR Student’s design (7 in total), readiness discussions for identified impacts to business operations and brainstorming ideas to address processes that require significant modification. Final school-specific learnings from our Champions will inform UR Student’s training approach.

Role-Based Solutions
Based on the end-user’s role (e.g. advisor, registrar), training in the new system will incorporate the results of business-process interviews being conducted for high-impact procedures. To get a feel for UR Student, we’ll be offering guided hands-on sessions starting this summer with opportunities for faculty in the fall and Bursars in the spring. Later in the year, formal training begins that will prepare targeted users for each go live scheduled. In-person training events will begin prior to go live for the appropriate audiences with self-paced materials (quick videos and reference cards) for Faculty and students in early spring 2020 (below image). Awareness presentations, concept and bridge documentation plus training pre-requisites will be developed that provide insight into the design and fundamental changes introduced by UR Student.

UR Student Training Timeline
UR Student Training Timeline

Some of the support and materials we will be constructing to give a better understanding of technical and process impacts include:

  • Instructor-led training classes for complex processes
  • Quick reference videos for a short procedural demos
  • Quick reference cards as a reference
  • Foundational documentation to help explain new concepts in context to the new system (Academic Unit structures, Academic Records, Programs of Study, Cohorts, Courses)
  • Bridge documents to connecting the dots from current data elements to the new structure (Tuition code, Raw code, time status / load status)

Flexible Change
Encompassing school readiness, community engagement, training and more, UR Student’s change-management strategies will help us get to the finish line with valuable competencies. Because UR Student will serve as a foundation to grow and develop for years to come, we know it will changing as new functionality becomes available.

Continued Work
The project has wrapped up the in-person presentations on the revised project timeline and cutover approach to University community. We will be reconvening our community roadshows this summer to provide another update on the completed work and changes coming. Further work continues such as:

  • Gathering school-specific change impacts with appointed Champions will continue through the summer and develop readiness plans with each school
  • Complete configuration and prototype of the system and prepare for End to End testing this June
  • Develop post go-live support model
  • Publish training plan and communicate process

Stay in Touch with UR Student News!
We’ll give you the latest details on upcoming events, need-to-know functionality changes and other project impacts. Go to UR Student News now to subscribe to our web updates.

Roadshow Recap

Some conversations are best done in person. To build awareness of UR Student’s new timeline, project leaders have been back on the road sharing all the details with the community. They started with Leadership and external team members (SIGS) to foster a dialogue, then continued with Warner Dean’s Cabinet members, AS&E Graduate Coordinators, RCAG, the Registrars group and others.

Additional roadshows will be scheduled for this summer as the team wraps up the configuration of the system and begins testing. These roadshows kick off a university-wide engagement campaign to prepare the community for the phased cutover approach for go live.

Community Engagement Opportunities

Hands-on Sessions: scheduled for July & August to help users gain some exposure to the system for Registrars, Administrators and Advisors functions. Guided topics planned include search functions, course structure, select reports, dashboards, and Program of Study structure, etc.

Community Forum: targeted for this November. This informational event will be open to all and provide a project update and guidance on upcoming training, support and overall readiness for our February go-live.

Information Sharing from Special Interest Group (SIGs): These school representatives were nominated to assist as subject matter experts in their respective impact areas (including Financial Aid this year). They provide feedback on the system’s design and participate in business-process testing to confirm system functionality. SIGs also share information within their circle of influence to grow awareness and confidence in the new system’s capabilities.

Champions & Change Agents
Selected from schools, our Project Champions will assist in identifying change impacts in their area and develop readiness plans (e.g. Change-Impact Solutions). Ongoing meetings with each school will give participants the chance to talk about the school-specific changes that must be incorporated into the plan.

Project champions will also lead a change agent network within their school, and be our primary point of contact for coordinating school readiness activities (examples below):
•    Help review and finalize UR Student system role assignments for their academic unit/school
•    Validate training attendees (and participate in this training)
•    Draft DIL testing scenarios
•    Assist in crafting any school-specific communications for specific change items
•    Help develop and execute readiness solutions for high-impact changes

Stay in Touch with UR Student News!
We’ll give you the latest details on upcoming events, need-to-know functionality changes and other project impacts.

UR Student Phased Cutover – The Right Activities at the Right Time

The UR Student project recently adjusted its timeline to handle the volume of work required to support a quality go-live. The project also adopted a phased cutover approach that aligns with the academic calendar and gives the University more time to accommodate change management and school readiness. The project team is currently focused on completing configuration of the system, prototyping new functionality released by Workday to address UR blockers, and completing all the conversions needed to support full system testing

Our Approach to Change Management

The project team is taking a multi-pronged approach to change management:

  • School readiness activities will focus on working with each of the schools to ensure that they are identifying change impacts, developing strategies to mitigate the impact of the change, and tracking progress towards go-live. To assist in this effort, Project Champions will be identified within each school. These Champions will lead the change agent network within the schools and be our primary point of contact for coordinating school readiness activities.
  • Community engagement will continue to include engaging the project’s executive sponsors, facilitate stakeholder discussions with Special Interest Groups, sponsor Community Forums to inform the broader University community, and involve stakeholders in Day-in-the-Life (DIL) testing activities.
  • Communications will continue via the UR Student project website, Demo Days to showcase key aspects of system functionality, project updates via the newsletter, and presentations to stakeholder groups across the University and eventually the post go-live support model.
  • Training plans are being adjusted to accommodate the phase cutover and are being reviewed with stakeholder groups for feedback. Training will include both in-classroom training, videos, and Quick Reference guides.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and support, and remain committed to delivering a modern student administration system that will serve as a foundation to grow and develop for years to come.

Updated Project Timeline and Cutover Approach

Based on the results of a project readiness assessment and feedback from the community, it has been recommended that the University re-plan the project timeline and go live date to appropriately prepare for the changes that UR Student will bring to administrative processes and procedures.

The project team has been working with key stakeholders to vet our cutover approach; the following options were considered:

  1. Go-live in December, 2019 – In order to accurately manage financial activity in the system, charges for Spring 2020 would need to be assessed in UR Student.  The University typically assesses charges for Spring in early November.  Delaying charge assessment would result in payments of ~$45M being deferred; this would significantly impact the University’s cash flow.
  2. Go-live in October, 2019 – To address the financial impact of Option A, the team considered a cutover in October. With this approach, we would need the ability to process adjustments to Fall, 2019 financial activity accurately which required replaying all financial transactions in UR Student post-cutover.  This approach would have posed either a significant risk to Financial Aid and UR Financials or would have resulted in a poor student experience.
  3. Phased Cutover (option chosen) – To mitigate the impact of the above options, the team considered a phased approach, which would roll out system functionality in alignment with the academic calendar (see details below). This approach helps mitigate both project risk and change management impacts.

The cutover would be phased as follows:

October, 2019 – Configure Academic Foundation and Records

  • Registrars will start maintaining course information in UR Student

February, 2020 – Configure Student Records, Advising and Student Finance Functionality

  • All financial activity related to the 2019-20 Financial-Aid year to occur in the legacy SIS
  • Fall 2020 registration (late March / April) to occur in UR Student
  • Discussions still continue regarding where more specific business functions (grading, advising, etc.) should be initiated

July, 2020 – Cutover the Student Balance

  • All continuing Financial Aid activity (for summer) to be managed through the cutover balance
  • Fall 2020 charge assessment to run in early July

The revised project timeline reflects the above cutover approach. We will be resuming our presentations and project updates to the community, and would welcome the opportunity to talk you through our revised cutover approach as well as solicit any feedback you might have.

From a project perspective, the team is focused on these immediate priorities:

  • Completing deliverables for our next project milestone
  • Developing a post go-live support model
  • Developing and publishing a training plan
  • Developing readiness plans with each school

As always, we appreciate your feedback and support, and remain committed to delivering a modern student administration system that will serve as a foundation to grow and develop for years to come. 

Thank you,

UR Student Project Sponsors

 Kathy Blackmon
 Elizabeth Milavec
 Julie Myers
 Nancy Specht

The Future of Academic Planning - Part 2

UR Student puts relevant reports up front in a customizable "My Advisees" dashboard–accessible from an advisor's home landing screen. As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, advisors will be able to take various actions from their dashboard—including direct communication with students. In Part 2, we’ll review scenarios demonstrating some of these actions from January’s Demo Days, including transfer credit, action items, holds and academic plan templates.

Open the Video Playback  |  Open the PowerPoint

[Scenario: Looked at profile for a Mechanical Engineering Major to demonstrate links available to advisors. Note: We can build the requirements for any POS to work in a UR Student template.]

Advisors can add Tasks students can see (e.g. Holds), and compose messages for internal use only (reminder to lift Hold). Also visible internally: advisor role, student cohort membership, type of cohort and student ID photos.

UR Student Screens Demonstrated:

  • Student Profile
  • Student Support Network—advisor and others (e.g. their Plan “approver”)
  • Cohort History (could include others if changes made)
  • Academic History
  • Academic Progress (academic progress = degree audit)—will be able to show primary POS & minor; requirements, remaining or satisfied

Note: UR Student allows for various student rules and policies to account for our different Academic Units (schools or departments), e.g. minimum GPA for a required course; optional to show GPA for graduate students.

Transfer Credit Demo
[Scenario: Showed different places in UR Student that relates to transfer credit information depending on where the student is in the enrollment process and their academic progress.]

  • Transfer Credit Tab--Shows credit information and originating institution
  • External Records Tab—Links to institutions/transcripts
  • Academic History Tab—View, e.g. pre-enrollment period with transfer credit
  • Academic Progress Tab—View articulated credits counting towards requirements
    • Also shows any courses in progress towards satisfying requirements

 Action Items & Holds Demo
[Scenario: Student hasn’t registered; advisor can use the Apply Hold Quick Link (under Manage Advisees on the Dashboard or from related actions icon]

  • In Advisor View: Chose relevant school in the Academic Record—e.g. student could be non-matriculated in a different school than one where the advisor wants to apply a Hold. Note: Not all schools use Advising Holds; those that do may use Mass Apply Holds at certain times (e.g. registration).
  • In Student View: Students have “My Holds” area (Student View was shown for demo purposes only; in the live system an advisor will not be able to see this). Note: Advisor comments are internal only and will not be visible to the student.
  • In Advisor View/Student Profile: Look at Action Items/ Holds; under Hold Details in list, click related actions icon, then on Remove Hold. Advisors will be able to make a note in the system as a reminder.

Academic Planning Template Demo
[Scenario: Create a plan for a Mechanical Engineering Major using template for that POS’ requirements.]

Student's Academic Plan
Student View of Academic Plan Template


Remember, Academic Planning is just a tool—it does not lock in any of the choices shown. Completely flexible, the Academic Planning template is a blank shell that records each instance of what the student saves.

Tip: When looking at new advisees prior to UR Student’s Onboarding process, no classes will show in the Academic History tab. After the Onboarding process, classes will automatically populate under the Plan Tab (also can be done manually).

In Advisor View: Selecting Create Academic Plan will display the Template; it has suggested courses (per requirements) and displays chronologically.

In Student View: View Academic Plan showed that student can edit their plan. Tip: Selecting Update flips display order (from last term forward) to check all Academic Periods.

  • A student will only see the courses eligible for their requirements. If a pre-requisite isn’t met student will not be able to add it.
  • To indicate other interests, student can add additional lines with course alternatives (e.g. electives).

Note: February's Demo Days is canceled due to project re-planning efforts for Student Records, Advising and Student Finance functionality. Check back soon to see our next Demo Days event and agenda.

The Future of Academic Planning - Part 1

At our last Demo Days, faculty, advisors and academic plan approvers saw how to leverage UR Student’s Advising functionality and dynamic dashboard to communicate directly with students via the plan. While this new tool shouldn’t take the place of face-to-face advising, it can make planning conversations easier and more productive.

Open the Video Playback  |  Open the PowerPoint

Academic Plan Features

What's Changing?: Academic Planning Templates
Templates for Academic Planning offer a framework for students and their advisors to follow that map their primary program of study (POS) requirements. Although provided in the system, templates are optional to use; they’re just a convenient way to show students their choices for each period.

Advisors: Can approve, add comments, and send students feedback on their proposed changes before approval. There can be as many advisors attached as needed by using UR Student cohorts.

Students: Can update their academic plan, then ask their advisors for feedback and/or plan approvals by academic period (just one semester) or the entire plan. Also, students can create multiple schedules from a plan forecasting different scenarios. When a schedule is determined, students can register from that plan. A graduate student may want to plan what they think their whole plan will look like while an undergraduate might want to focus on major declaration.

New Feature: Student and Advisor Communicate via Plan
Advisors and advisees are connected through student cohorts; there is no “advisor” field in UR Student. This way a certain number of fields does not limit us and we can assign other roles if the person advising is not approving the plan.

Role Interaction for the Academic Plan Demo

Student View: Showed a Plan Approval request (Note: comment demonstrated is ONLY visible INTERNALLY).

Advisor View: Student’s academic plan appeared in Advisor’s Inbox (on landing page). Advisor can comment on the Plan, and send back (Note: Advisor will be prompted for a reason if comment field is blank).

Student View: Showed the conversation, the reason, etc. Student would select a new course, add comment, and submit. So they are both communicating through the planning process!

Note: This Plan communication shouldn’t replace face-to-face meetings but it does help document where the Plan is in the process.

Advisor View: Showed student’s new choice; approval, removal of Advising Hold.

My Advisees Dashboard Demo
In UR Student, advisors will access their “My Advisees” Dashboard from the icon link on their system landing page. This Dashboard is a collection of actionable reports for all the advisor’s connected students and related information (e.g. GPA, holds, incomplete grades).

UR Student My Advisee Dashboard for Advisors

Stay tuned for part 2 on this exciting series coming on Wednesday noting student screens, transfer credit, action items, holds and academic plan templates demoed.

Note: February's Demo Days is canceled due to project re-planning efforts for Student Records, Advising and Student Finance functionality. Check back soon to see our next Demo Days event and agenda.

Project Delay and Replanning

Our external consultant, JJH Consulting along with Workday, conducted a qualitative and quantitative assessment in January to determine our readiness for the UR Student project go-live. Based on the results of the assessment and the feedback from the community, they recommended that the University take a few more months to appropriately prepare for the changes that UR Student will bring to administrative processes and procedures. Change management is a critical element of all major projects and it is essential to take the time needed to work through the appropriate change management activities. 

The key messages from the assessment are:

  • The team has made great progress
  • The team is organized and focused
  • The volume of work between now and July will not be completed in a quality manner with a go-live in July; the quantitative analysis proves this out.
  • The prudent thing to do is delay ASAP, replan for a go-live prior to end of 2019 and aggressively move forward with that plan

We are estimating a 4-6 month delay with a go-live beginning prior to the end of 2019. The exact date of go-live will depend on the outcome of planning activities to occur over the next couple of weeks and at that time, the project team will engage the key stakeholders to vet the recommendation. Our intention is to target getting the system ready by early summer with the remaining time focused on organizational readiness in the form of Day-in-the-Life and system integration testing, community change management and training.

In support of this decision, the project team will be taking these immediate next steps:

  1. Replan project for a new go-live date, including monthly milestones that have to be addressed to meet the new project timeline
  2. Assess impact of the delay to the schools (e.g., business decisions delayed until UR Student go-live will need to be reviewed)
  3. Develop Readiness Plans for each school to ensure acceptance of the system and processes
  4. Redevelop the Cutover Plan
  5. Develop a plan to proactively monitor project team burnout and morale

Some of you may be invited to participate in planning activities, especially cutover discussions, over the next couple of weeks. We are asking you to afford us what flexibility you can with your schedules as we would like to formalize a plan pretty quickly so the team has a roadmap to follow. 

You are an incredibly engaged community. We appreciate your feedback and support… and remain committed to delivering a modern student administration system that will serve as a foundation to grow and develop for years to come. 

Thank you,

UR Student Project Sponsors
 Kathy Blackmon
 Elizabeth Milavec
 Julie Myers
Nancy Specht

Demo Days: How Academic Planning Works in UR Student

Who It's For: Advisors and Faculty

Advisors and Faculty Advisors will:

  • See how you can view, edit and approve a student’s academic plan and communicate directly to students on their plan selections. Learn how students can create and save schedules in order to register from an approved plan.
  • Learn how academic plan templates can be built for certain programs of study in UR Student and how they can be added to a student’s academic plan.
  • View the academic plan from the student’s and the advisor’s point of view

Faculty will:

  • Will see how Advisors can engage with students regarding their plan and how this outcome affects class registration.

Please Join Us! All are welcome

Remote Demo Days Presentation on Academic Planning, Thursday, January 17th from 1:30-2:30. 
Register in advance to receive an email reminder 24 hours before the event with the Zoom Meeting link.

Zoom Meeting Details

Meeting URL

Join by Telephone: Dial: +1 646 876 9923 US

Meeting ID: 825 983 856


  • Academic planning templates for student / advisor communication
  • Advisors can approve, add comments, and send feedback
  • Students can update plan / request plan approval
    • By academic period
    • For entire plan
  • Students can create & save a schedule, and register from a plan

Visit our Demo Days page for meeting presentations and recordings (note: playbacks are posted by one week after event date). Contact us with any questions or comments.

Evolving Our Community Forum into an Interactive Hands-on Experience

In April, UR Student will offer a hands-on opportunity for end-users to gain experience in the new system. These new hands-on sessions are replacing our February Community Forum previously communicated and will instead take place in April.

By consolidating the project’s engagement events, the team will focus on Day-in-the-Life testing; this also allows us to offer the community a more robust, guided hands-on experience for feedback. It’s a more effective use of time for everyone. This UR Student sneak peek will provide future users a personal feel for system navigation and keying through select processes.

Structured & Simplified

Advisors, Faculty, Admins, Registrars and Student Finance staff will get a more structured orientation to the system with our simplified approach:

  • Concept (What it is)
  • Show (How it works)
  • Do (Try it out)
  • Feedback (How it went)

Hands-on Dates & Agenda Coming in March
Keep an eye on UR Student News! We’ll post the latest information on this and other events along with helpful system updates, regular newsletters and more.

Demo Days Playback - CRN Is Going Away

Our last remote Demo Day of 2018 began with an update on Program of Study, including what Program Focus is (a parent program grouping areas of study within UR Student for reporting and future functionality). The presentation’s agenda included the characteristics of current Course Structure and how it will appear in UR Student, touching on Cross-Listings and Co-Location of Course Sections changes to come.

Course Reference Number (CRN) No More
Watch the Courses Demo Day replay
to see how it works as Julia Kraus, our subject matter expert, demonstrated in UR Student. We showed how courses will look in the new system acting as an admin (e.g., Registrar or Advisor) and as a student. A notable change discussed included the Course Reference Number (CRN), which will not be used in UR Student in the same context as the legacy system does. Instead, the CRN will be a combination of the course, section and academic period. Reporting capabilities in UR Student were also discussed, such as Students Enrolled in a Particular Course (URSTU 5152).

January Demo Days - Save the Date!

Register early for UR Student’s Academic Planning Remote Demo Day on January 17th (full agenda coming soon).

Keep an eye on UR Student News

You'll find all of the latest information on our system's features via regular newsletters and special interest group meetings.

Community Testing Helps Refine Processes in UR Student

Adding a dynamic synergy to the UR Student project, our community testers represent the University’s Advising, Records and Registration, Student Finance and Financial areas as they validate data and provide feedback on functionality. Thanks to their participation, we have been able to collect valuable insights on how end-users with various processes and security-based roles can navigate in the new system.

Functioning as surrogates under the core project team’s guidance, each tester completes the steps of specific processes for their assigned role—such as course registration as an advisor. During these sessions, testers log their exact results as well as personal observations on what tweaks might help improve the outcome.

Community Testing Benefits

Made up of 35 community participants (logging 250 test hours to date), the testing team offers diverse perspectives that have greatly enhanced this phase of UR Student’s development. Part of their contribution involves identifying where current processes work as expected and flagging where they do not. Any unexpected results reported are funneled to the broader project technical team for evaluation, resolution and retesting. Ultimately, we’re refining the new system so it will perform the needed daily tasks more efficiently for the University’s end-users.

DIL Readiness

Slated for spring 2019, “Day-in-the-life” (DIL) testing will focus on confirming that a broader community can use the system. This phase is structured on how typical roles function in the system rather than the individual business processes that are currently being tested.

Role examples include:

  • Advisor
  • Registrar
  • Curriculum Manager
  • Department Coordinator
  • Student

Testing to Training

During DIL, Testers will execute their typical daily, weekly, monthly or per-term activities. As an example, advisors might access information about their advisees, assist in creating an academic plan then review/approve it as appropriate. The DIL testing instructions and feedback that we use will help develop training and supporting documentation that end-users will ultimately access as the project gets closer to go-live in July.

Keep an eye on UR Student News!

You'll find all of the latest information on our system's features via regular newsletters and special interest group meetings.


Demo Days on Courses & Course Sections – December 20th

The New Year’s almost here, bringing us closer to UR Student going live—with immediate impacts to Records and Registration, Advising and Student Finance. Register now to attend our remote-only event to stay informed!

Date: December 20th

Topic: Courses and Course Sections in UR Student

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Impacted Audiences: Advisors (includes Faculty Advisors) and Registrars, but all encouraged to attend.

Agenda: Advisor/Registrar ability to locate course and course sections to assist with academic planning in a centralized, synchronous system

Join Zoom Meeting

US: +16468769923,,680343315# or +16699006833,,680343315# 

Dial: US: +1 646 876 9923 or +1 669 900 6833

Meeting ID: 680 343 315

 Note: Recordings are posted on our Demo Days page one week after the event date. If you have questions for the team, please feel free to contact us.

Key Stakeholders Help with End-to-End Testing

With UR Student Project’s end-to-end testing underway, we are starting to engage key stakeholders in Student Records, Advising and Student Finance for testing, data validation and change-management activities. During this phase, they will liaise with the core project team to validate the design and data within the system. This includes helping to identify where new processes in UR Student might differ from what is currently in place within their academic units.

With end-users in mind, here are some highlights of system functionality by area to date:

Faculty—Courses, Grading, Rosters
Instructors will be able to access appropriate aspects of a students’ records directly from their course roster. Some of the faculty innovations include:

  • Interim grading
  • View student rosters and teaching schedules
  • Assign final course grades

Staff—Registrars: Cohort Management, Mass Register Students, Create Notes

Student cohorts are a central piece of functionality in UR Student that will be utilized by both faculty and staff for three basic purposes:

  1. To assign students to their advisor(s), as well as the program directors and program coordinators for the students’ program of study
  2. To group students together to meet transactional requirements (e.g., to apply a rule to a group of students)
  3. To place an attribute on a group of students for which there is no delivered field (e.g., class year)

In many cases reporting tools can be used to group students, but when a report cannot be used cohorts are a useful tool.

Registrars will have the ability to mass register groups of students for a particular course-section schedule of course sections. Also, Latin honors can be placed on the student’s record by registrar staff. And Records/Registrar staff will be able to create notes on a student’s record.

Staff—Academic Advising
UR Student will provide a centralized, synchronous system that that will give advisors of all types a view of students’ academic records that is both broad and deep. This closed loop system will streamline communications around students’ success through advisor notes, academic planning and academic progress tools. Enhancements to Student Records and Advising in the works include the following capabilities:

  • Define institutional reason codes for Leave of Absence and Withdrawal
  • Initiate changes by administrator on behalf of a student (e.g., leave of absence, requirements override)
  • Apply comments to the student transcript
  • Create private and public notes on a student’s record

Staff—Bursars: Transactions, Payment Plans, Statements, and more

Viewing Transactions of all individual account entries can be filtered, sorted and exported to Excel.

  • Adjustments to a charge or payment are easily traceable to original entry
  • Most items related to a transaction are active links to relevant information (accounting, source, etc.)

Notes / comments on student accounts to track contact, conversations, etc.

Generation of an up-to-the-minute Student Financial Statement PDF by academic period (i.e. semester). Will be available to staff, students and parents / third parties.

Summary of Account Balance by academic period allows for an easy overview of how much the student owes for each academic period/term.

StudentSelf-Service / Friends and Family Third-Party Access:

Student Self-Enrollment in Payment Plan, etc.

  • Students enroll themselves online in the UR Student system.
  • Payment-plan screen shows due dates, transactions, and more.

In addition to signing up for payment plan, students may also:

  • Enter/save/submit ACH payment info
  • Enter Automated Clearing House (ACH; electronic funds-transfer) information for refunds

o   Students can set up access for friends and family, and determine what kind of access they have; no staff interaction needed

o   Third parties (if granted access by student) may:

– See bill

– Make payment so works with Workday/UR Student FERPA functionality

  • UR Student tracks and shows who made changes to the student account and when they were done

Note: For active students, historical information from SIS will be available in UR Student, including historical transactions and comments on the Historical tab.

Please check UR Student News often for timely updates on the new system.

Register for UR Student’s Demo Days on December 20th

Impacted Audiences: Faculty, Advisors and Registrars – details below:

The holidays may be upon us, but changes from the debut of UR Student are just around the corner. In July, the new system will revamp how key functional areas (Records and Registration, Advising and Student Finance ) work and the way students interact with us.

Register here to attend

Date: December 20th remote event

Topic: Courses and Course Sections in UR Student

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Impacted Audiences for this session are Advisors (includes Faculty Advisors) and Registrars, but everyone is encouraged to attend.


Demo Days Agenda: (Check back soon for more details.)

  • Advisor/Registrar ability to locate course and course sections to assist with academic planning in a centralized, synchronous system

(Updated 12/10/18: We are currently tweaking the instructor view of courses and will show at a later time)

You’re encouraged to participate via chat with questions and comments during any of UR Student presentations to make them ever-more collaborative experiences. We value your feedback at each step along the way to help us make the transition to UR Student smoother.

Watch & Learn More

Visit our Demo Days page to review all available recordings of previous sessions (Programs of Study, Student Cohorts, and Student Onboarding playbacks). Note: Recordings are posted one week after the event date. If you have questions for the team, please feel free to contact us.

Demo Days Purpose: These monthly events will inform Faculty and Staff of upcoming process and system changes due to the implementation of our new student information system going live July 2019.

UR Student Forum Draws Crowd & Excitement!

About 80 people joined us in the Rush Rhees Library (and 50 attended remotely) to get a taste of UR Student’s robust functionality on November 6th. Our project sponsors and subject-matter experts were on hand showcasing the new system in the Hawkins-Carlson Room to shed light on how Phase 1 areas will work for end users.

From Records and Registration to Advising and Student Finance, many attendees got to navigate through UR Student with expert guidance. Between getting to perform system tasks or strike up conversations with the Project’s leadership, those at event got a little more familiar with the nuts and bolts of UR Student.

Volunteer to Test UR Student
Some participants who had a personalized hands-on session also volunteered to help us do testing of the system by simply sharing their email. We really appreciate this kind of involvement to get valuable feedback from those who will be the system’s everyday users.

Even if you couldn’t make it to the event, feel free to volunteer as a tester by contacting us, or just ask any questions about what we covered. Take a look at the UR Student Community Forum PowerPoint presentation on our Demo Days page online, too!

Don’t Miss These Other Upcoming UR Student Events:

November 14th: Register now for UR Student Remote Demo Day on Programs of Study (POS)

December 20th: Register now for UR Student Remote Demo Day on Changes in Courses & Course Sections

Reminder: UR Student's Community Forum Is Nov 6th!

Join us tomorrow to get the latest information on how the UR Student Project will impact you as a faculty or staff member. We encourage you to attend in person for all of the special activities, including a personalized Hands-on experience and an opportunity for one-on-one conversations with project leadership.

In-Person Details:
Tuesday, November 6, 2018 from 3:00-5:00PM in the Hawkins-Carlson Room at the Rush Rhees Library (located at 755 Library Road, Rochester, NY 14627)

UR Student Forum Experiences

  • Informal gathering with refreshments; individual Q&A with our Sponsors, Project Director, and Subject-Matter experts
  • One-hour presentation on current project activities, next steps and changes to help prepare Faculty and Staff for go-live in July 2019
  • Hands-on System opportunity: sign up for your personalized interactive session at any of the three functional-area stations (Registration, Advising, and Student Finance)

We hope you can be there! Please register to attend in-person, or join us remotely via Zoom video conferencing.

Remote Demo Days in November

On Wednesday, November 14th we're hosting our Programs of Study Demo Days (POS) remotely so it easier for everyone! Please register to attend the 3-4 p.m. presentation to make sure it's on your calendar. (Note: the Zoom meeting link will be added to UR Student News a day or two before event, and we'll send a link if you're registered.)

Who It's For: Everyone is welcome to join us and see how POS will function in UR Student, but faculty members, deans, advisors, registrars and bursars will especially benefit.


  • Programs of Study (POS) Today
  • POS Code Identification Structure in UR Student
  • POS Type
  • Tracking Undeclared Students
  • What Is a Program Focus?
  • Demonstration
  • Next Steps

Visit our Demo Days page to review the POS presentation (available now), and the meeting recording (Zoom playback) which is posted one week after the event date.

If you have questions for the team, please contact us on our UR Student site.


Remote Zoom meeting Information:


Audio via your computer or dial in:  US: +1 669 900 6833  or +1 646 876 9923

Meeting ID: 377 848 323#



It takes change to make change

If there’s one thing that’s certain about replacing a 30+ year old legacy system, it is that doing so will change the way we work. Once we go live with UR Student, there will be system updates implemented twice a year that introduce new system capabilities and enhancements to existing features / functionality. The UR Student support team will be evaluating new functionality, and preparing and testing each version, before they are introduced into production. New features will be communicated via regular newsletters and special interest group meetings.

With a project of this magnitude impacting faculty, students and staff across the University, the UR Student team is focused on testing the system to ensure it meets University of Rochester needs. Phase 1 scope includes Student Records and Programs of Study, Academic Advising, and Student Finance. Rollout of the system will include many hands-on opportunities for end-users to get familiar with the system, including workshops and in-classroom training.

New terminology

Academic Units (AUs): This refers to schools, colleges and departments designed within the UR Student system.

To give you an idea of how they will function, those with the appropriate security can use AUs to:

  • Assign faculty to teach a course section
  • Facilitate a system workflow and assignment of duties
  • Run reports by any AU (e.g. report enrollment by school, by term, and by course)
Academic Units also can specify which units can do the following in UR Student:
  • Administer financial aid
  • Offer courses and programs of study
  • Admit students
  • Allow students to know all the schools they belong to at a glance (see image below for student’s view in the system)
    An example of what a student will see within UR Student.

Keep an eye on UR Student News!

You'll find all of the latest information on our system's features via regular newsletters and special interest group meetings.

Congratulations to Our Back-to-Campus UR Student Trivia Contest Winner!

Angela Buchiere was fast and first to get all of our trivia answers correct—nice job! An academic counselor in Dean’s Office, College Advising, Angela wins a $20 gift card for her quick thinking and recall of UR Student basics. Watch for announcements about additional opportunities to win prizes and learn about upcoming changes in UR Student News.

Speaking of Basics
Although we called it a “trivia” contest, the way our new system will be transforming how you work is anything but trivial. Here are the answers just to underscore what’s changing and who’s affected:

  1. A) Student Onboarding: Covered way back in May at our Demo Days, we talked about the new process of targeted student communications to ensure the completion of key tasks.
  2. A) Records, Registration, and Finance: These functional areas will be impacted in Phase 1 of the UR Student
  3. E) “All of the above”: Records Supervisors; Registrars; Dept. Coordinators; and Bursar's office personnel will find Cohort Management especially
  4. A) 8: There are eight Special Interest Groups slated to help with Phase 1 and 2 of the project. These knowledgeable volunteers will be available to answer questions based on your functional area and work type.
  5. A)  Demo Days Page: This is the spot to check for a replay of any past live presentations.

No matter where you work or what you do, we hope you enjoyed learning a little more about UR Student while testing your memory. Please let us know if you’d like other fun ways to participate in the process (and feel free to suggest some) as we move forward with this exciting project.

Back-to-Campus UR Student Trivia Contest

Higher education requires year-round dedication. As fall classes begin, we feel you deserve a reward for remembering UR Student after the scorching summer months.

The first person to finish all our trivia questions correctly, will win a gift card to assist you with any remaining back to school purchases you may have.

Note: Project and SIG team member have an advantage and are excluded from this Trivia contest.

Start our Trivia contest now! 

Hint: All the answers can be found in the News and FAQ sections of our UR Student website.

Stay tuned for a refresher on why this change is needed and what it means to you.

Good luck, and we’ll let you know who wins!


Pizza, “Post-It’s” & Priorities

Working on a big information technology project calls for certain time-honored traditions. For the UR Student team, it’s a giant sticky note on the wall for “WINS” and pizza kickoffs to motivate and fuel the troops! They’re also a great way to keep everyone on the same page as we head into the fall with our projected timeline.

While we can’t feasibly pick-up pizza for those of you following the project, we can share some tasty wins.

Win 1: We’ve level-set project priorities so end-to-end project testing will begin by the end of September.

Win 2: We have a solid 30-60-90 day plan in place, from handling priority configurations to publishing a change management and end-user communications plan.

Win 3: You’re a part of the team every time you visit this site, take a UR Student survey, and attend a project event.

Stay Tuned…
We’re currently retooling the Demo Days schedule so we can resume our system-feature roadshow with the latest innovations slated for delivery from Workday. Don’t worry, you’ll be the first to knowbut feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions. In the meantime, our project managers, subject matter experts, and consultants have been meeting literally all-day, every day to factor in our unique institution’s needs.

The vision for going live next summer remains the same: transforming what do collectively with a game-changing system—one that exemplifies how a university wins at the business of education.


Test Prep for End-to-End Success

For just about anyone on the UR Student Team, “end-to-end testing” prep tops the to-do list right now. We recently bolstered our staff to make sure we have all the support needed for our next project milestone. Running scenario after scenario, the team will be simulating what you’ll be doing in Student Records, Advising, and Finance. It’s all in a day’s work to make sure the system’s ready for our “day-in-the-life” testing.

By spring of next year, end-users will get to see how UR Student’s functionality will work in their world on a daily basis. As all this testing unfolds, we’ll be keeping tabs on it and documenting other relevant topics, so check the News page often. Our goal: making sure you have all the tools for success as we keep moving forward – especially hosting more Demo Days events in the coming months.

July Survey Update…
Here's a quick check-in on July's Demo Days survey results: Virtually all respondents saw the potential usefulness of Student Engagements, which will include just notifications initially. These will help reach students where they live – on mobile devices – by cutting through email clutter for items like required forms.

Events Coming in October
With classes underway (and schedules stretched already), we’re postponing our live UR Student demonstration events until the end of October. However, we’d love to get more feedback from you on topics for future Demo Days. Contact us anytime with your thoughts, and we’ll pass them along to the team’s subject-matter experts.

Prize Potential Next Week
Feel like you already forgot what we talked about at Demo Days? Test your knowledge with our super-easy trivia contest next week (with a prize TBD)!

"Engagements" Demo Recap & What's Next

What We Covered:

At July's Demo Days, attendees discussed a new feature within our new student information system coming July 2019, Engagements.

Dynamic communications plans, Engagements will let you schedule targeted emails, create custom audiences, and more. Although the standards and processes for Engagements are yet to be developed, we saw a sneak peek of the steps involved with building plans, emails and creating the audiences that can update dynamically as students continue to meet set criteria. Our presenters (Sean Hanna and Liz Powell shown below) went into the non-production UR Student environment to show how it looks from the administrator's perspective as well as the student's.

A survey is sent out every month which will capture feedback from attendees to ensure we are informing all impacted users appropriately. If you missed this session, visit our Demo Days page to view a playback of the event.

What's Next:

Please note: we're taking off for August and September (it's a little busy for everyone), returning in October with a new Demo Days schedule.

As always, everyone is welcome at these demonstrations to get a preview of how UR Student will work. It's also a great opportunity to ask questions specific to your area and offer ideas for system features.

Subscribe to UR Student!

Enter your email (under the logo on the URS homepage) to stay connected with our latest updates. And, don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions for the team.

Get "Engaged" at Demo Days on the 17th & 18th!

Attention: Records Supervisors, Registrars, Dept. Coordinators, and those in Bursar's Offices: You'll definitely want to be here, but we encourage everyone to participate.

Have you put the UR Student Team's July presentation on "Engagements" on your calendar? If not, check the schedule below and register now to join us in the room or on Zoom.

Creating campus engagement plans and much more...

We'll walk you through the steps for sending coordinated communications customized for your academic unit or level. You'll see how key functions, like creating targeted student emails and personalized printed items, will work. And we'll take you behind the scenes to show how things look from the administrator's and the student's perspective.

Seats are still available--please register to attend:
Chose one of three identical presentations (or a remote meeting option) offered at the locations listed below.

  1. 7/17, Eastman School of Music: Register for in-person OR Zoom remote attendance
  2. 7/18, River Campus: Register for in-person OR Zoom remote attendance
  3. 7/18, Medical Center: Register for in-person OR Zoom remote attendance

A black and white copy of our PowerPoint slide deck is now available. Visit our Demo Days page for a multicolored version.

If you cannot attend in-person, our remote meeting details are below:

Meeting Information by Location

Where: Eastman School of Music

Date: July 17th

Time: 10:00 – 11:00 PM

Zoom remote meeting link:

Connect to audio through your computer or Dial in:

US: +1 646 876 9923, CODE: 616 741 252#

Where: River Campus

Date: July 18th

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 PM

Zoom remote meeting link:

Connect to audio through your computer or Dial in:

US: +1 646 876 9923, CODE: 504 551 724#

Where: Medical Center

Date: July 18th

Time: 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Zoom remote meeting link:

Connect to audio through your computer or Dial in:

US: +1 646 876 9923, CODE: 351 252 612#


Review June Demo Days

In case you couldn't go or just want to review the UR Student demonstration on Cohort Management, download one of the recordings from the Demo Days page.

Here's the Recap:

UR Student Cohorts will represent specific groups of students that are created for one of the following reasons:
To assign students to advisors.Because the cohort is required for transactional purposes (e.g. Enrollment eligibility rules).To assign an attribute for which there is no field in UR Student for reporting or trend analysis.

What Next:
Register for July's Demo Days to learn how to create an engagement plan for sending coordinated communications from UR Student. Specific to an academic unit, these plans identify engagement items like:

  • Creating student emails or printed items using merge fields
  • Creating the audience or recipients for the engagements
  • Creating an engagement plan (an automated schedule for the engagements)

Who should go in July:
We encourage everyone to participate, but Records Supervisors, Registrars, Dept. Coordinators, and those in Bursar's Offices, will definitely want to be here.

Subscribe to the UR Student website (under the logo) to receive announcements instantaneously. And, don't hesitate to contact us on our UR Student site if you have questions for the team.

July Demo Days: Connect with UR Student "Engagements"

What’s happening:
On July 17th & 18th we’ll show you how to create an engagement plan for sending coordinated communications from UR Student. Specific to an academic unit, these plans identify engagement items like:

  • Creating student emails or printed items using merge fields
  • Creating the audience or recipients for the engagements
  • Creating an engagement plan (an automated schedule for the engagements)

How to register:
Chose one of three identical presentations (or a remote meeting option) offered at the locations listed below.

  1. 7/17, Eastman School of Music: Register for in-person OR Zoom remote attendance
  2. 7/18, River Campus: Register for in-person OR Zoom remote attendance
  3. 7/18, Medical Center: Register for in-person OR Zoom remote attendance

Who should go:
We encourage everyone to participate, but Records Supervisors, Registrars, Dept. Coordinators, and those in Bursar's Offices, will definitely want to be here.

These monthly events will inform all impacted employees of the upcoming process and system changes due to the implementation of our new student information system. The project team provides a live demonstration of UR Student with time set aside for a Q&A.
If you have questions for the team, please contact us on our UR Student site.