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An Overview of the UR Student Project

The University of Rochester's current student information system is one of the oldest enterprise-wide systems used today. Although it served us well in the past, the system cannot be appended to or be upgraded any further to reflect the changing needs of a modern collegiate landscape, student learning needs, and information collaboration. Comprehensive support is necessary for the numerous additional applications, some overlapping, with nearly 200 interfaces making system management a growing challenge.

To add to this challenge, student demographics and technology have changed. Students need and expect a flexible solution especially for part-time and remote enrollment.  Faculty members have increased technology in their classrooms and all signs point to this trend continuing. Our student information solution will need to accommodate and grow in kind.

The University of Rochester was one of the design partners that provided input to Workday’s Student platform. This solution is expected to provide a more flexible foundation that will support future growth and built-in features to promote student success.

Planned features for the following roles include:

  • Advisors and Student Support Staff will have a centralized, synchronous view of student information that shows progress towards objectives. This comprehensive student profile along with an integrated communication system linking Student Records, Student Finance, Advisers, Faculty, Admissions, and Financial Aid to better support student success.
  • Faculty will be able to view student rosters, assign course grades and view their teaching schedule for current and past periods.
  • Students will be able to view their University account activity with payment history, register for current classes and plan for future terms all through one mobile interface. Custom reminders and student support notifications will increase campus connections to remain on track for a successful college experience.

We are excited to implement UR Student for Student Finance, Student Registration, Records and Advising (Phase 1) in July 2019 and invite all affected by this change to attend public Demo Days events when scheduled.

If you would like more project information during our current configure and design phase, please visit our website or request a presentation to your unit.

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UR Student Publishes Inaugural Newsletter

UR Student Newsletter has been created to orient and summarizes the latest developments from the UR Student implementation.
To view this edition, select the link above and scroll past the header image to view its components; Project Summary, What We DidWhat We Are Doing and What We Will Do Next.

Visit our Newsletter page to download a printable copy. We hope you enjoy the information presented. For comments or feedback, please contact us.

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UR Student Survey #1 Results are In!

We recently completed our first UR Student Stakeholder Survey. Thank you to all that responded.

This survey provided insight on awareness levels across the University for this project’s mission and goals. We will continue to periodically survey throughout the duration of the project to help align project communications and readiness activities to the needs of the community.

The survey had a 13% response rate.  Here is what we heard from the 206 people that responded.

Below is the breakdown of respondents by University area and role.

By University Area:

  • Central Administration: 14%
  • River Campus and Eastman School of Music: 68%
  • Health Care Education (School of Nursing, School of Medicine and Dentistry MS/PhD Programs, Eastman Institute for Oral Health): 18%

By Student Information System Role:

  • Staff and Support: 29%
  • Advisors and Faculty Advisors: 39%
  • Administration: 22%
  • Other: 10%
    Note: University Faculty will receive a tailored survey Spring 2018.

Some key observations from the survey results include:

  • The project’s Guiding Principles were strongly supported (87%). These strategies will drive the configuration design for UR Student and are the underpinnings of stakeholder support.
  • At this early stage, awareness of the project goal is very high at 90% with a majority supporting this effort and investment (73%). Project requirement meetings held this summer with select staff and focused leadership presentations contributed to this score.
  • Respondents informed us that they have a basic understanding of change impacts (41%), but most need detailed information. As project configuration activities conclude, we will communicate the system design and offer demonstrations via public events announced on the UR Student Calendar.
  • An overwhelming number are committed to learn and change how they work using UR Student (93%). Training and support details are required (67%) and will be addressed further into the project.

Over the coming months, we will be taking the following action steps to address your feedback:

  • Special Interest Group sessions comprised of select University members will begin this winter, increasing awareness of impacts to current processes and incorporating your feedback. Who represents your SIG area?
  • As the system design takes shape, communications including web, newsletters, and live interactive presentations, will continue to clarify process changes and system roles for all stakeholders.
  • The project team will continue outreach efforts such as regular demonstrations and meeting with standing committees to assure broad transparency to project activities and decisions.

Please note this summary of the university’s feedback is based on a 13% response rate. Increased participation in future surveys will reveal a clearer picture.

We look forward to hearing from you on our next survey and throughout the project.

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UR Student Project Underway

The UR Student project was officially kicked off on October 2nd with a target go-live for Phase I of July 2019.  The scope for Phase I includes Student Records and Advising and Student Finance with the primary focus on decommissioning the legacy Student Information System.

The project team is currently working through guided design sessions and workshops to learn about how best to configure the application to meet the needs of the University.  Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Leads for each of the Special Interest Groups to get engaged with the project team and to provide feedback throughout the project.

SIG Team Leads:
Julia Kraus Student Records
Sean Hanna –Student Advising
Liz Powell –Student Finance

General project updates will also be provided through community forums and “demo days”; a full calendar of events is available on the website.

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Don’t Forget to Take the UR Student Survey

Thank you to those that have already completed the survey. Your feedback and comments are important to the team and vital for a successful implementation.

For those who have not yet taken the survey, please check your Microsoft Outlook inbox for an email sent from the UR Student Project. The survey takes 5-7 minutes to complete. and will officially close on November 13th.

The UR Student Stakeholder survey was sent to current consumers of student information impacted by this project.

We will periodically send surveys throughout the project to gather the following information:

  1. Project implementation awareness for all individuals impacted
  2. Appropriate ongoing communications for the UR Student project

If you have not received the survey and feel you will be affected contact us and we will add you to our distribution list and survey.

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UR Student Project Kickoff Playback

The UR Student project was officially kicked off on October 2nd with a target go-live for Phase I of July, 2019.
The scope for Phase I includes Student Records and Advising and Student Finance with the primary focus on decommissioning the legacy Student Information System.

Total run time length – 38 minutes

Check out the entire event, or jump directly to our UR Student demonstration. 


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The UR Student Project Kicks Off

Over the past three years, the University has collaborated with Workday Inc. and select universities to develop an innovative, feature rich, cloud-based student information system.

On October 2nd, a cross-functional team will kick off the UR Student project to implement the new system for the University’s Records, Registration and Student Finance areas. The system is scheduled to go live July 2019 and will affect all students, faculty and related staff.

The project implementation will continue to phase-in Admissions and Financial Aid components in 2021. Visit the UR Student project and News pages to learn about the new system and project activities.

For further questions on this project, please contact the UR Student Project Team.

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Welcome to the UR Student Implementation Website!

This website will be your informational guide during the five stages of implementation for the new Student System interface. As the project progresses, announcements will be posted regarding; functional areas impacted, project progress as well as system learning events and resources.  This website will initially be updated on a bi monthly basis, then increase in frequency when the project kicks off July, 2017.

To keep up to date on this project, subscribe to the site to receive automated posts as they are published using the email form located in the upper right of the screen.

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