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Closed known Issues

UR Student

As the UR Student system continues to evolve from its original launch in February 2020 impacts will be monitored. This page serves as a listing of CLOSED documented issues. View open known issues on our Current Known Issues page.

Issue #2 – Closed

  • Issue: View Student Account
  • Details: During registration, students may see buttons or other prompts directing them to Student Finance (Bursar’s Office) bills or statements. Prompts like the View Student Account button will not lead students to any charge or credit transactions in UR Student until mid-July of 2020 when the Fall 2020 assessment and billing processes begin.
  • Resolution: For accurate account information for all terms prior to Fall 2020, please continue to refer to your billing statements through UR ePay, just as you do today. Learn how to access statements in UR ePay by clicking here. Assessment of charges starting Fall 2020 are in UR Student.
  • Status: Resolved

Issue #4 – Closed

  • Issue: Adding a course section from another school to schedule
  • Details: Before the issue was resolved, students could only create a saved schedule for courses in the same school as their primary program of study.
  • Resolution: Workday has delivered a fix. Students may now create a saved schedule for any school at the University of Rochester. Undergraduate students may self-register for AS&E, Eastman or SMD-Grad undergraduate courses. To register for coursework in any other school, please contact your Registrar’s Office. If you create multiple schedules, please remember to register for each individual schedule once registration opens. Related resources: QRC – Create a Saved ScheduleQRC – Requesting Permission to RegisterQRC – Register During Open Registration
  • Status: Resolved

Issue #6 – Closed

Issue #8 – Closed

  • Issue: Class Standing Based Course Eligibility Restrictions
  • Details: Class Standing Eligibility rules evaluate a student’s CURRENT class standing, not their rising status (i.e.: current Sophomores are considered rising Juniors. Any class standing eligibility rules will evaluate the student’s current class of Sophomore).
  • Resolution: Rules have been updated to serve this purpose. We will need to revisit and update the rules on course sections after the Spring semester had ended and students’ class standings are updated. Please read the eligibility rules considering a student’s current class year.
  • Status: Resolved

Issue #9 – Closed

Issues #13 – Closed

  • Issue: Changes for Spring 2020 courses with multiple formats
  • Details: If there was a change to the students courses for the Spring 2020 in a course that has an additional format, laboratory, workshop or recitation, UR Student may not accurately represent the students courses they are registered for.
  • Resolved: Spring 2020 course with multiple formats have been resolved.
  • Status: Resolved

Issue #14 – Closed

  • Issue: Course section delivery format
  • Details: The delivery mode listed for a course section, as seen in the Find Course sections report, indicates if a course is taught 100% online, in-person, or by other means. Please note that delivery modes are currently being updated to reflect changes due to recent Covid-19 instructional plans.
  • Resolved: Instructional mode will be updated as we receive information from academic departments.
  • Status: Resolved