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UR Student

Those looking for some basic answers related to foundational concepts of the UR Student implementation can check a number of the most common questions we’ve encountered. As new topics of general interest arise (based on questions from Demo Days participants), we’ll add them here. However, if you need an answer about a specific aspect of the project now, please contact us on our website. A Team Lead will get back to you within 1-2 days.

updated 11/22/19

Preparing for Change

Universal Changes

Inside the System

Changes by role

UR Student Basics


Support after go-live

Can I get a preview of UR Student?

Yes. Playback previous Demo Days sessions to see live demonstrations of the UR Student system. Future event information will be announced on our News page 2 weeks prior to an event.

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What is a cohort in UR Student?

Student cohorts are specific groups of students you define based on certain criteria. You can use student cohorts in:

  • Advising
  • Eligibility rules
  • Enrollment unit limits for specific student populations
  • Registration appointments to assign priority registration
  • Custom reports
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What are the benefits of using cohorts?

It is the only mechanism in the new system to attach an advisor to a group of students, and affords a deeper dive into the student (e.g. for transcripts, registration). Certain functionality requires cohorts to enforce policy. However, there are many ways to group students through reports that don’t require a cohort.

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How have cohorts been designed?

The UR Student project team has been gathering ideas from the Advising SIG via Word or Excel Student Cohort Worksheets available on the Advising SIG materials page. We’re keeping an inventory of all the cohorts being identified, so please reach out to Sean Hanna as needs arise.

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Who can I contact with questions I have on the UR Student project or system?

Contact a Team Lead with any question or comment you may have.

  1. Use the Contact Us page on our website and a Team Lead will get back to you within 1-2 days
  2. To see who from your area is participating on the team refer to the listing below. Select one to view the Project Champions, Special Interest Group members and Team Leads.
    1. Project Champions
    2. Student Records  SIG
    3. Student Finance SIG
    4. Financial Aid SIG
    5. Student Advising SIG
    6. Admissions SIG
    7. Faculty SIG
    8. Institutional Research and Information Technology SIG
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How can I learn about this project and expected changes?

Below are several methods to get informed about our project’s goals and activities:

  1. Get Oriented: UR Student website
    1. Visit our website on a regular basis, especially our News page. Subscribe now to be added to our email list for timely information regarding project happenings, system updates, and end-user impacts when we post them.
  2. Gain Knowledge: Attend project events
    1. Attend monthly Demo Days events for an opportunity to see the system firsthand, learn how project solutions will affect you and provide feedback about direct impacts to student system processes. These events will be open to anyone interested in understanding the new system’s functionality, project progress and how to prepare for this change. Attending is most advantageous for registrars, bursars, student finance personnel, plus support staff and faculty from the University, including the School of Medicine and Dentistry (Graduate Division), School of Nursing and Eastman Institute of Oral Health.
  3. Chat with the team: Contact a project champion, team lead, or SIG member for specific questions
    1. For one-on-one discussions, contact your Project Champion, Special Interest Group Team Leader(s) or representative listed on our website based on your functional area and work type:
      Project Champions; Student Records SIG; Student Finance SIG; Student Advising SIG; Admissions SIG; Financial Aid SIG; Institutional, Research and Information Technology SIG; Faculty SIG
  4. Meet and Greets: Request a Focused Presentation to your Department
    1. The project leadership team is available to attend any standard faculty or staff meeting to help communicate the project initiatives and participate in a departmental dialogue. Ask your departmental leadership for a presentation from the UR Student Team.
  5. At any time, use the Contact Us page on our website and a Team Lead will get back to you within 1-2 days
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Will Instructor Access and Advisor Access be going away?

Yes, the functionality currently contained within Instructor Access and Advisor Access will be replaced by UR Student. The tabs that link to these systems within Blackboard will be maintained for a few months to help with transition. During this time, these tabs will be used to direct users to information about logging into UR Student. The login for UR Student will be the same as the login for Blackboard (University NetID) but the user will be asked to log into each system separately. We advise users who will need to access both systems to bookmark each for ease of use.

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Will Student Access be going away?

Yes, the functionality currently contained within Student Access will be replaced by UR Student. The tab that currently links to these systems within Blackboard will be maintained for a few months to help with transition. During this time, information contained within this tab will direct students to log into UR Student. The login for UR Student will be the same as the login for Blackboard (University NetID) but the user will be asked to log into each system separately. Students will be able to access UR Student from their browser or via the mobile app.

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How will faculty be notified about Instructor Access / Advisor Access going away?

In addition to noting which systems will be decommissioned in project communications and UR Student training, the relevant tabs in Blackboard will be updated in the months leading up to the cutover to note that Instructor / Advisor Access will soon be replaced by UR Student. Once UR Student is live, these tabs in Blackboard will remain but will instead provide faculty with instructions for accessing UR Student.

Will we have the same access in the new UR Student Data Warehouse (DW) as we do today?

Yes – all user accounts and roles will be moved from the current (legacy) Student DW to the new Student DW.

Will I be able to report on both my legacy and UR Student data out of the new Student Data Warehouse (DW)?

Yes – as part of the new Student DW build, we will be bringing over all the data that currently exists in the legacy Student DW over to the new Student DW. When converting data from your legacy system reports, you will be able to validate new UR Student reports with the existing data as well as historical data. That being said, the transition to UR Student will impact legacy data attributes like Time Status, Raw Codes and Tuition Codes that do not exist in the new system. The project team is currently working through “bridge documentation” that will help users who currently rely on these data attributes to adjust their reporting approach to align with UR Student. More information on this will be available by the time we go into Day-in-the-Life (DIL) testing.

On a related note, definitions for any new terminology will be available on the UR Student website.

I understand that my Student Data Warehouse (DW) reports may need to be rebuilt. When will I be able to go in and rewrite these reports from the new Student DW?

The UR Student DW will have new Cognos packages and Tableau data sources for users to author reports and dashboards.

Between July and September 2019, training for the author community will take place in the DW’s Cognos and Tableau testing environments (called “Stage”). As authors become familiar with using Stage, they’ll also see the reports and dashboards being developed by the UR Student DW team.

In the October timeframe, authors can begin to create new reports using dashboards and report templates available to them in this environment. The existing (legacy) student DW and its current reports and dashboards will continue to be available from the environments where they were created.

As part of the February 2020 UR Student cutover, the new UR Student DW will be available in production. New reports and dashboards that authors want to “promote” to (i.e. move into) production from Stage would be available as well.

Please Note: The existing Student DW is set to be updated from the legacy SIS nightly through Spring 2020 for data validation.

How do I prepare for this change?

There are many ways to prepare for the new student system based on your role; see FAQ – How can I learn about this project and expected changes?

All Staff, Students and Faculty (except the SMD MD Program faculty) will be impacted by this project. Specific learning options will be detailed on their respective pages as we approach our go-live date. Project events (public and by invitation only) are scheduled on our website Calendar.

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How can I get involved?

  • Attend Demo Days sessions and provide design feedback during the Design and Development stage of the project
  • Participate in test planning, come test the system and confirm results during our Testing phase
  • Attend training sessions to learn more during Training
  • Become a project change agent and help your peers use UR Student at Go-Live
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If the emergency contact in the legacy SIS was a parent, I see the friend and family conversion correctly labeled as “parent.” However, when the emergency contact is a spouse, it’s showing up as “legacy.” Is this correct?

For the conversion of emergency contact information, the value of legacy was used in scenarios where we didn’t have a straight pathway to get the data into UR Student.  The only values we are bringing in as they are in the legacy SIS are the ‘Parent’ and the ‘Legal Guardian’.  All of the other values are being brought in as ‘Legacy’.  Once we have the data converted, and we are live, students would have the ability to go in and update their emergency contact information.


Will the system time out if I have logged into it, but have not used it for a while?

Once logged into the UR Student system, if it remains open on your computer with no activity, the system will timeout after 45 minutes.  Please remember that if you walk away from your computer with the UR Student system open, you should activate your password protected screen saver, or log out of the UR Student system.