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Register for a 90-Minute UR Student “Hands-on” (non-training) Session

Change management is about easing transition—especially to the new systems and processes going live this October when we flip the switch on UR Student’s first phase. To better prepare you for these seminal technology changes, we’re hosting a limited number of Hands-on Summer Sessions designed to offer valuable exposure (vs formal training). More than just a sneak preview, each will address the select needs of three impacted end-user groups while touching on basics everyone will need to know. From seeing the system through a student’s eyes to navigating through its foundational elements, these dynamic, guided immersion tours will show you the future. In a few months’ time the real training begins—don’t miss a chance to get a very real back-to-campus edge while you can.

Each session will show you the basics of navigation and how students will see the system as well as specifics for impacted groups. To be added to a waitlist Contact us

  • ** SOLD OUT Sign up for a time on July 15th – Topics include understanding dashboards; searching for and creating a course; viewing student records; manually adding/removing holds; locating and viewing a program of study; and administratively registering a student and dropping/withdrawing them.
  • ** SOLD OUT  Sign up for a time on July 30th – Topics include learning how to find a course and a report; creating and editing a course section; viewing an advising cohort, student record, and a program of study; releasing a hold; and approving a plan.
  • ** SOLD OUT  Sign up for a time on August 1st OR Sign up for August 8th from 8:30-10 AM – Topics include viewing the advisee worklet/dashboard; exploring cohorts and advising; viewing the support network, the student summary screen, the student, and viewing student academics; and examining advisee notes.

Where: Digital Media Lab in Ronald Rettner Hall (Room 201) building map

Choose a session (one only) based on your current tasks; UR Student’s role-based security limits some functionality.

Space is limited, so please determine the timeframe that best suits your needs, and register for your Hands-on Session soon.

Quick Pre-requisite Video
View this short UR Student navigation tutorial to view before attending your scheduled session.

Note: Separate Hands-on opportunities will be held for Instructors and Faculty Advisors in October 2019 and for Student Finance staff in April 2020. If you have any questions about the Hands-on Sessions listed here or the future events referenced, please feel free to contact us.