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UR Student

UR Student will impact Staff which includes; Registrars, Bursars, Administrators, Advisors, Faculty Advisors, Instructors and Students within the University.  Read about the Advisor benefits of using UR Student and how to prepare for this change. Visit the UR Student Basics page for UR Student basics.

Advisor Change Areas:

Each area below highlights terms and upcoming features based on UR Student design. Additional information will be provided here as these features are tested.

Important Learning Links:

Quick Advisor FAQs:

Q: What are UR Student cohorts?

A: Student cohorts are specific groups of students you define based on certain criteria. You can use student cohorts in:

  • Advising
  • Eligibility rules
  • Enrollment unit limits for specific student populations
  • Registration appointments to assign priority registration
  • Custom reports

Q: What are the benefits of cohorts?

A: It is the only mechanism in the new system to attach an advisor to a group of students, and affords a deeper dive into the student (e.g. for transcripts, registration). Certain functionality requires cohorts to enforce policy. However, there are many ways to group students through reports that don’t require a cohort.

Q:How have cohorts been designed?

A: The UR Student project team has been gathering ideas from the Advising SIG via Word or Excel Student Cohort Worksheets available on the Advising SIG materials page. We’re keeping an inventory of all the cohorts being identified, so please reach out to Sean Hanna as needs arise.

Q: To what extent can students communicate with Faculty Advisors and department administrators?

A: Students can communicate with their Advisors using specific internal processes within UR Student such as Holds that may be applied to the student. For this, students can send comments to the appropriate recipient, such as their advisor, for a hold placed on them

Q: What does UR Student look like?

A: Snapshots of UR Student are found on our UR Student Screen Navigation page. Attend our Demo Days events for live demonstrations, or playback.

Changes for Staff

Changes for Instructors

Changes for Students

Advisors and Faculty Advisor Events:

Advisor Hands-on sessions are being held August 1st and 8th.

Faculty Advisors can participate in our Hands on sessions coming this October. Meeting details will be posted on UR Student News.



Advisor and Faculty Advisor Resources:

As the project continues towards our Go Live date, educational tools and resources will be made available here: