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The Future of Academic Planning – Part 2

UR Student puts relevant reports up front in a customizable “My Advisees” dashboard–accessible from an advisor’s home landing screen. As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, advisors will be able to take various actions from their dashboard—including direct communication with students. In Part 2, we’ll review scenarios demonstrating some of these actions from January’s Demo Days, including transfer credit, action items, holds and academic plan templates.

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[Scenario: Looked at profile for a Mechanical Engineering Major to demonstrate links available to advisors. Note: We can build the requirements for any POS to work in a UR Student template.]

Advisors can add Tasks students can see (e.g. Holds), and compose messages for internal use only (reminder to lift Hold). Also visible internally: advisor role, student cohort membership, type of cohort and student ID photos.

UR Student Screens Demonstrated:

  • Student Profile
  • Student Support Network—advisor and others (e.g. their Plan “approver”)
  • Cohort History (could include others if changes made)
  • Academic History
  • Academic Progress (academic progress = degree audit)—will be able to show primary POS & minor; requirements, remaining or satisfied

Note: UR Student allows for various student rules and policies to account for our different Academic Units (schools or departments), e.g. minimum GPA for a required course; optional to show GPA for graduate students.

Transfer Credit Demo
[Scenario: Showed different places in UR Student that relates to transfer credit information depending on where the student is in the enrollment process and their academic progress.]

  • Transfer Credit Tab–Shows credit information and originating institution
  • External Records Tab—Links to institutions/transcripts
  • Academic History Tab—View, e.g. pre-enrollment period with transfer credit
  • Academic Progress Tab—View articulated credits counting towards requirements
    • Also shows any courses in progress towards satisfying requirements

 Action Items & Holds Demo
[Scenario: Student hasn’t registered; advisor can use the Apply Hold Quick Link (under Manage Advisees on the Dashboard or from related actions icon]

  • In Advisor View: Chose relevant school in the Academic Record—e.g. student could be non-matriculated in a different school than one where the advisor wants to apply a Hold. Note: Not all schools use Advising Holds; those that do may use Mass Apply Holds at certain times (e.g. registration).
  • In Student View: Students have “My Holds” area (Student View was shown for demo purposes only; in the live system an advisor will not be able to see this). Note: Advisor comments are internal only and will not be visible to the student.
  • In Advisor View/Student Profile: Look at Action Items/ Holds; under Hold Details in list, click related actions icon, then on Remove Hold. Advisors will be able to make a note in the system as a reminder.

Academic Planning Template Demo
[Scenario: Create a plan for a Mechanical Engineering Major using template for that POS’ requirements.]

Student's Academic Plan
Student View of Academic Plan Template


Remember, Academic Planning is just a tool—it does not lock in any of the choices shown. Completely flexible, the Academic Planning template is a blank shell that records each instance of what the student saves.

Tip: When looking at new advisees prior to UR Student’s Onboarding process, no classes will show in the Academic History tab. After the Onboarding process, classes will automatically populate under the Plan Tab (also can be done manually).

In Advisor View: Selecting Create Academic Plan will display the Template; it has suggested courses (per requirements) and displays chronologically.

In Student View: View Academic Plan showed that student can edit their plan. Tip: Selecting Update flips display order (from last term forward) to check all Academic Periods.

  • A student will only see the courses eligible for their requirements. If a pre-requisite isn’t met student will not be able to add it.
  • To indicate other interests, student can add additional lines with course alternatives (e.g. electives).

Note: February’s Demo Days is canceled due to project re-planning efforts for Student Records, Advising and Student Finance functionality. Check back soon to see our next Demo Days event and agenda.