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The Future of Academic Planning – Part 1

At our last Demo Days, faculty, advisors and academic plan approvers saw how to leverage UR Student’s Advising functionality and dynamic dashboard to communicate directly with students via the plan. While this new tool shouldn’t take the place of face-to-face advising, it can make planning conversations easier and more productive.

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Academic Plan Features

What’s Changing?: Academic Planning Templates
Templates for Academic Planning offer a framework for students and their advisors to follow that map their primary program of study (POS) requirements. Although provided in the system, templates are optional to use; they’re just a convenient way to show students their choices for each period.

Advisors: Can approve, add comments, and send students feedback on their proposed changes before approval. There can be as many advisors attached as needed by using UR Student cohorts.

Students: Can update their academic plan, then ask their advisors for feedback and/or plan approvals by academic period (just one semester) or the entire plan. Also, students can create multiple schedules from a plan forecasting different scenarios. When a schedule is determined, students can register from that plan. A graduate student may want to plan what they think their whole plan will look like while an undergraduate might want to focus on major declaration.

New Feature: Student and Advisor Communicate via Plan
Advisors and advisees are connected through student cohorts; there is no “advisor” field in UR Student. This way a certain number of fields does not limit us and we can assign other roles if the person advising is not approving the plan.

Role Interaction for the Academic Plan Demo

Student View: Showed a Plan Approval request (Note: comment demonstrated is ONLY visible INTERNALLY).

Advisor View: Student’s academic plan appeared in Advisor’s Inbox (on landing page). Advisor can comment on the Plan, and send back (Note: Advisor will be prompted for a reason if comment field is blank).

Student View: Showed the conversation, the reason, etc. Student would select a new course, add comment, and submit. So they are both communicating through the planning process!

Note: This Plan communication shouldn’t replace face-to-face meetings but it does help document where the Plan is in the process.

Advisor View: Showed student’s new choice; approval, removal of Advising Hold.

My Advisees Dashboard Demo
In UR Student, advisors will access their “My Advisees” Dashboard from the icon link on their system landing page. This Dashboard is a collection of actionable reports for all the advisor’s connected students and related information (e.g. GPA, holds, incomplete grades).

UR Student My Advisee Dashboard for Advisors

Stay tuned for part 2 on this exciting series coming on Wednesday noting student screens, transfer credit, action items, holds and academic plan templates demoed.

Note: February’s Demo Days is canceled due to project re-planning efforts for Student Records, Advising and Student Finance functionality. Check back soon to see our next Demo Days event and agenda.