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Updated Project Timeline and Cutover Approach

Based on the results of a project readiness assessment and feedback from the community, it has been recommended that the University re-plan the project timeline and go live date to appropriately prepare for the changes that UR Student will bring to administrative processes and procedures.

The project team has been working with key stakeholders to vet our cutover approach; the following options were considered:

  1. Go-live in December, 2019 – In order to accurately manage financial activity in the system, charges for Spring 2020 would need to be assessed in UR Student.  The University typically assesses charges for Spring in early November.  Delaying charge assessment would result in payments of ~$45M being deferred; this would significantly impact the University’s cash flow.
  2. Go-live in October, 2019 – To address the financial impact of Option A, the team considered a cutover in October. With this approach, we would need the ability to process adjustments to Fall, 2019 financial activity accurately which required replaying all financial transactions in UR Student post-cutover.  This approach would have posed either a significant risk to Financial Aid and UR Financials or would have resulted in a poor student experience.
  3. Phased Cutover (option chosen) – To mitigate the impact of the above options, the team considered a phased approach, which would roll out system functionality in alignment with the academic calendar (see details below). This approach helps mitigate both project risk and change management impacts.

The cutover would be phased as follows:

October, 2019 – Configure Academic Foundation and Records

  • Registrars will start maintaining course information in UR Student

February, 2020 – Configure Student Records, Advising and Student Finance Functionality

  • All financial activity related to the 2019-20 Financial-Aid year to occur in the legacy SIS
  • Fall 2020 registration (late March / April) to occur in UR Student
  • Discussions still continue regarding where more specific business functions (grading, advising, etc.) should be initiated

July, 2020 – Cutover the Student Balance

  • All continuing Financial Aid activity (for summer) to be managed through the cutover balance
  • Fall 2020 charge assessment to run in early July

The revised project timeline reflects the above cutover approach. We will be resuming our presentations and project updates to the community, and would welcome the opportunity to talk you through our revised cutover approach as well as solicit any feedback you might have.

From a project perspective, the team is focused on these immediate priorities:

  • Completing deliverables for our next project milestone
  • Developing a post go-live support model
  • Developing and publishing a training plan
  • Developing readiness plans with each school

As always, we appreciate your feedback and support, and remain committed to delivering a modern student administration system that will serve as a foundation to grow and develop for years to come. 

Thank you,

UR Student Project Sponsors

 Kathy Blackmon
 Elizabeth Milavec
 Julie Myers
 Nancy Specht