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UR Student’s Next Steps

What’s next now that we are moving along on our new timeline? With registrars slated to maintain course information in UR Student at the October go-live, logical next steps involve completing the system’s configuration, “end-to-end” and “day-in-the-life” testing preparations. We’re also taking advantage of this time to develop our multi-solution training approach and additional community-readiness activities for each go-live date across the University.

Targeted Activities
The project director and change management team kicked off the newly appointed “Project Champions” discussing the Champion role, tasks and approach to manage the change within each school. Session agendas include attending workshops that explain UR Student’s design (7 in total), readiness discussions for identified impacts to business operations and brainstorming ideas to address processes that require significant modification. Final school-specific learnings from our Champions will inform UR Student’s training approach.

Role-Based Solutions
Based on the end-user’s role (e.g. advisor, registrar), training in the new system will incorporate the results of business-process interviews being conducted for high-impact procedures. To get a feel for UR Student, we’ll be offering guided hands-on sessions starting this summer with opportunities for faculty in the fall and Bursars in the spring. Later in the year, formal training begins that will prepare targeted users for each go live scheduled. In-person training events will begin prior to go live for the appropriate audiences with self-paced materials (quick videos and reference cards) for Faculty and students in early spring 2020 (below image). Awareness presentations, concept and bridge documentation plus training pre-requisites will be developed that provide insight into the design and fundamental changes introduced by UR Student.

UR Student Training Timeline
UR Student Training Timeline

Some of the support and materials we will be constructing to give a better understanding of technical and process impacts include:

  • Instructor-led training classes for complex processes
  • Quick reference videos for a short procedural demos
  • Quick reference cards as a reference
  • Foundational documentation to help explain new concepts in context to the new system (Academic Unit structures, Academic Records, Programs of Study, Cohorts, Courses)
  • Bridge documents to connecting the dots from current data elements to the new structure (Tuition code, Raw code, time status / load status)

Flexible Change
Encompassing school readiness, community engagement, training and more, UR Student’s change-management strategies will help us get to the finish line with valuable competencies. Because UR Student will serve as a foundation to grow and develop for years to come, we know it will changing as new functionality becomes available.

Continued Work
The project has wrapped up the in-person presentations on the revised project timeline and cutover approach to University community. We will be reconvening our community roadshows this summer to provide another update on the completed work and changes coming. Further work continues such as:

  • Gathering school-specific change impacts with appointed Champions will continue through the summer and develop readiness plans with each school
  • Complete configuration and prototype of the system and prepare for End to End testing this June
  • Develop post go-live support model
  • Publish training plan and communicate process

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