HCO Named Overall Winner of the 2015-16 Wearables Innovation World Cup

MunichHealth Care Originals won the Health & Wellness category of the Wearables Technologies Innovation World Cup for their Automated Device for Asthma Monitoring and Management (ADAMM) technology. They then went on to beat five other category winners to be named Overall Innovator of 2015/2016. ADAMM was developed at the University of Rochester from a collaboration between Hyekyun Rhee, Ph.D., an associate professor in the School of Nursing, and Mark Bocko, Ph.D., a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, as a means to monitor asthma symptoms in order to predict the onset of an asthma event. Health Care Originals has licensed the technology from the University and has been developing different wearable device configurations to get this innovative technology to the public.