Venture-Ready Technologies

Venture-Ready Technologies are some of the University of Rochester’s most promising inventions. We believe the technologies and innovations described below have significant commercial potential. Some of these items could fit nicely into a company’s existing intellectual property portfolio to enhance a product line or help launch a new one. Others represent platform technologies that could constitute the foundation of a new startup company. In either case, we invite you to peruse the following which will be updated periodically with new featured patents. If anything is of interest, please contact UR Ventures.

Dog Flu Vaccine

Saffie thumbnail

A live-attenuated vaccine for canine influenza virus.


The Rochester Digital Cloak

Digital Cloak_thumbnail

A digital optical cloak to hide an object from multiple viewpoints by digitally recreating a three-dimensional version of the background.

A Vaccine Against Type 1 Diabetes


A novel vaccine against Type I Diabetes


A New Biomarker to Predict Patient Response to Anti-TNF Therapy


A biomarker to save time and money in the treatment of arthritis.


Peptide Therapy for Inflammatory Bowel and Celiac Diseases

6-1725 Sun thumbnail

A safe and effective therapy based on the bacterial AvrA peptide for the treatment of inflammatory bowel and celiac diseases.


RNA Therapeutics for Diseases Caused by Nonsense Mutations


A method to suppress premature stop codons in order to generate full-length mRNA using target-specific guide mRNAs.

A Method of Remyelinating Congenitally Dysmyelinated Forebrains


A method of remyelinating axons using oligodendrocyte progenitor cells.


Novel Preventative Anti-caries and Periodontal Diseases Treatment


A novel method for treating and preventing dental diseases.


Novel Lung Surfactant Peptides


A novel synthetic lung surfactant for the treatment of neonatal and acute respiratory distress syndromes.


Novel Method to Prevent or Treat Fibrosis

6-1859 Sottile thumbnail

A novel method for treating and preventing fibrosis and fibrosis-related conditions using fibronectin binding proteins and polypeptides.


Protease Activated Cytokines as Anti-Cancer Therapy

6-1665 Frelinger thumbnail

A novel therapy method for delivering localized anti-cancer responses without adverse body-wide side effects.


Light-Controlled Immunotherapy

6-1995 Kim thumbnail

A novel therapy using light-activated chemokine receptors to direct specific lymphocytes to desired locations within a patient’s body.


Isotope-Labeled acyl-CoA

1-15007 Goldfarb thumbnail

A novel protocol to produce large quantities of nearly 100% homogenous heavy-labeled acyl-CoAs rapidly and inexpensively.


Novel Small Molecules to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

6-1473 Zlokovic thumbnail

Small compounds that inhibit the uptake of amyloid-β into the brain.


Novel Cell Therapy for Treating CNS Injury

6-1409 Proschel thumbnail

A new cell therapy for treating damage to the central nervous system.


Treatment for Hyperammonemic Encephalopathy and Seizures

6-2101 Nedergaard thumbnail

A treatment for hyperammonemic Encephalopathy and Seizures.


Treating and Monitoring Rheumatoid Arthritis with PDE5 Inhibitors


A safe and effective treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis using approved drugs.


A Novel Method to Predict the Outcome of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia


A simple and robust in vitro DNA-based diagnostic assay to aid in determining the prognosis of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).


Improved Safer Nasal Spray Flu Vaccines

6-2217 Cox-thumbnail

A safer and more effective nasal vaccine against influenza.


Development of Arenavirus Vaccines through Codon Deoptimization

6-14048 Martinez-Sobrido-thumbnail

A novel strategy for developing safe and effective live-attenuated arenavirus vaccines.


Modulating Melanin Expression

6-1539 Miller thumbnail

Compounds that can induce melanin expression to aid in certain clinical indications or for cosmetic purposes.



Protecting, Repairing, and Regenerating Articular Cartilage and Fibrocartilaginous Tissues

6-1753 Zuscik thumbnail

Methods for the protection, repair, and regeneration of articular cartilage and fibrocartilaginous tissues using recombinant parathyroid hormones.


Treatment for Genetic Diseases through Correction of pre-mRNA Splicing

6-14073 Kielkopf thumbnailAn RNA therapeutic approach based on a “tailor-made” mRNA splice factor to treat genetic diseases that are caused by mRNA splice site mutations, such as muscular dystrophy, β-thalassemia, retinitis pigmentosa, neurofibromatosis, and cancers.


Hydrogen Production

1-11033-13006 Krauss_thumbnail

A method of making hydrogen using semiconductor nanocrystals, an inexpensive catalyst, water, and sunlight.


Treatment for Female Infertility

6-15070 Sen_thumbnail

A novel treatment for a variety of conditions resulting in female infertility.


Predicting Recurring Heart Attack(s)

6-1503 Corsetti thumbnail

A novel method for identifying patients at increased risk for a second (or subsequent) heart attack.


Vaccine against Pneumocystis and Streptococcal Infections


Novel polypeptides and immunogenic conjugates capable of inducing passive and active immunity against Pneumocystis carinii and Streptococcus pneumoniæ infections.


Improved Live Attenuated Flu Vaccine


Novel methodologies to engineer an improved and more effective live attenuated flu vaccine.


Histamine Antagonists for the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis


A potential disease modifying treatment for inflammatory skin diseases using small molecule histamine 4 receptor inhibitors.


Needle-Free Drug/Vaccine Delivery System


A novel peptide-based strategy for controlled transepithelial delivery of therapeutic molecules.


Treatment of Hyperglycemia Using a Nanoparticle-Encapsulated Peptide


A novel approach to treat Type 2 diabetes.

Early Detection of and Treatment for Neurodegenerative Diseases

A novel diagnostic test and therapeutic approach for neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.


Small Molecule Anti-Scarring Agents

Small molecule anti-scarring agents that may inhibit myofibroblast formation at the site of surgical trauma.


A Novel Diagnostic Test for Bacterial vs Viral Respiratory Infections

A diagnostic method for bacterial lower respiratory tract infections.