Venture-Ready Technologies

Venture-Ready Technologies are some of the University of Rochester’s most promising inventions. We believe the technologies and innovations described below have significant commercial potential. Some of these items could fit nicely into a company’s existing intellectual property portfolio to enhance a product line or help launch a new one. Others represent platform technologies that could constitute the foundation of a new startup company. In either case, we invite you to peruse the following which will be updated periodically with new featured patents. If anything is of interest, please contact UR Ventures.


A Vaccine Against Type 1 Diabetes

Image1This invention describes a novel vaccine against type 1 diabetes.


A New Biomarker to Predict Patient Response to Anti-TNF Therapy

handsA biomarker to save time and money in the treatment of arthritis.


A Therapeutic Approach to Replace or Improve Deep Brain Stimulation

dbsA method to enhance the effects of deep brain stimulation.


Peptide Therapy for Inflammatory Bowel and Celiac Diseases

salmonella_thumbnailA safe and effective therapy based on the bacterial AvrA peptide for the treatment of inflammatory bowel and celiac diseases.


Tetravalent Dengue Fever Vaccine

dengue_thumbnailA vaccine effective against all four strains of the Dengue virus.


RNA Therapeutics for Diseases Caused by Nonsense Mutations

mRNA_thumbnailA method to suppress premature stop codons in order to generate full-length mRNA using target-specific guide mRNAs.


A Novel Anti-Obesity Therapy

Thy_Mice_thumbnailA protein/peptide-based therapy for the prevention and treatment of obesity with desirable side effect profile.


A Method of Remyelinating Congenitally Dysmyelinated Forebrains

remyelination_thumbnailA method of remyelinating axons using oligodendrocyte progenitor cells.