For UR Innovators

What We Do

UR Ventures’ mission is to develop UR innovations into useful products and services to make the world ever better. We do this by helping to transform research discoveries into tangible products and services. Further, we are responsible for managing the intellectual property assets of the University of Rochester.

How We Do It

The process of technology commercialization is rarely easy. It requires:

  • a useful product or service that meets a customer need; AND
  • sufficient commercial interest to

entice a business to develop the product or service to a marketable
level, OR

inspire investment in a startup company built around developing and
marketing the product or service, AND

  • the right team to move the idea from a laboratory concept to a tangible product or service in the marketplace.

When talking about commercializing university research, a whole lot more is required than just an idea, or even a patent. Our useful products and services are frequently in a very early stage of development. Risks associated with implementing the idea are high – will it even work? Costs to get the idea to market are high, too. Traditional investment models seek later-stage products with lower risks. The gap between research discovery and business opportunity is often referred to as the “Valley of Death.”

At UR Ventures, our passion is shepherding incredible research discoveries across this valley. We look forward to partnering with you to bring your research and innovations to market fruition.