University of Rochester
Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African American Studies

How to declare a major in African American Studies in four easy steps

No more than two courses used to complete the minor in African and African-American Studies may overlap with courses used to complete another concentration or minor.

  1. Choose an adviser from our faculty; discuss your courses and interests; draw up a plan for fulfilling the major requirements.  Any of these professors can advise you:

Cilas Kemedjio, 
Curriculum Director
Frederick Douglass Institute, Morey 303
(585) 273-5346

Jeffrey Tucker
English Dept.,

Morey 418
(585) 275-2064

John Michael
English Dept.,

Morey 417
(585) 275-4974

Joan Saab
Art & Art History,

Morey 423A
(585) 275-7922

Stephanie Li
English Dept.,

Morey 319
(585) 275-5760

Larry Hudson
History Dept.,

RRL 460
(585) 275-4557

  1. Fill out the form that is, the blue Rochester Curriculum Registration Form, available from the College Center for Academic Support, Lattimore 312. You can fill it out yourself, or fill it out with the help of your adviser.
  2. Get the signature of the Frederick Douglass Institute's Curriculum Director. You can do this by visiting the Curriculum Director in person or by leaving the form for him to look over and sign in Morey 302.
  3. Take your completed form to the College Center for Academic Support in Lattimore 312.
Congratulations!  You are now an AAS major!

For more information in African and African-American Studies contact:
The Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies
302 Morey Hall,,

Professor Cilas Kemedjio, Curriculum Director
Morey Hall 303, Tel: 3-5346,