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Higher Education Opportunity Program

The University of Rochester, founded in 1850, is one of the leading private universities in the country. Undergraduates from throughout the country take advantage of the distinction and variety of our academic programs. At the same time, they discover a university on a personal scale with attention to the individual not found at larger research institutions.

Among the 3,000 colleges and universities in this country, only 61 are members of the prestigious Association of American Universities. The University of Rochester is one of them. The University's faculty are held in particularly high regard by colleagues at peer institutions, and many of its departments are widely recognized as being among the best in the country.

About the Program

The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) is specifically designed to serve students of diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. The program is especially attractive for those students who, because of their economic and educational backgrounds, may not have considered attending the University.

HEOP and its activities are supported, in whole or in part, by the New York State Education Department. Since 1969, the University of Rochester's HEOP office has provided eligible students with a strong support network that includes academic advising, personal counseling and substantial financial assistance.

Program Eligibility

  • First-year college students must:
  • Be a resident of New York State
  • Have a high school diploma or a state-approved equivalency diploma
  • Be economically disadvantaged as defined by the State Education Department
  • Meet the University of Rochester's HEOP academic criteria
  • Transfer Students must:
  • Have prior participation in one of the following at a New York State institution HEOP
    • HEOP
    • EOP
    • SEEK
    • College Discovery program
  • Meet the University of Rochester's academic criteria for transfer admission


Income Guidelines

See table below for income guidelines. Students must be residents of New York State and citizens of the United States or permanent resident visa holders.

Please Note: The following guidelines apply to students who are entering college for the first time on or after July 1, 2015. The amounts reflect the total household income for 2014.
Household SizeTotal Income 
1 $21,775  
2 $29,471  
3 $37,167  
4 $44,863  
5 $52,559  
6 $60,255  
7 $67,951  
8* $75,647
*Add $4,160 for each family member in excess of 8.


The income guidelines noted above do not apply if a student falls into one of the following categories:

  1. The student or the student's family is the recipient of Aid to Dependent Children (ADC), Home Relief, or Family Day Care payments through a New York State or a County Department of Social Services
  2. The student is living with foster parents who do not provide support for college and no monies are provided from the natural parents
  3. The student is a ward of the State of New York or a County in New York State


Application Process

To apply, each applicant must:
Submit a University of Rochester application for admission and check the box requesting consideration through HEOP. Students using the Common Application should attach a letter requesting HEOP consideration or complete the Common Application Supplement for Freshmen form and check the box to request HEOP consideration.

Common Application for Freshman: submit online | view freshman application
Supplement: submit online | view freshman supplement

Submit signed copies of your previous year's Federal Income Tax Return as well as those of your parents or guardians, including all pages, schedules, and W2 forms. Where tax statements are not filed, a letter of income documentation from all appropriate agencies must be submitted. All income, taxable and nontaxable, must be documented before an offer of financial aid can be extended.
  • COMPLETE AND SUBMIT BY FEBRUARY 1 all necessary Financial Aid applications:
  • CSS Profile Application
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) Application
  • Applications must be filed ON TIME for HEOP consideration

Financial Aid

HEOP offers a generous financial aid package through a combination of scholarships, federal and state grants, low-interest student loans, and college work study. Tuition, room and board, books and supplies, and basic living expenses are all taken into consideration when determining the financial aid package.

Because all first year HEOP students are required to participate in the Early Connection Opportunity (ECO) program, the expected student contribution toward the cost of education (that typically comes from summer employment) is waived for the freshmen year. For more information on the University of Rochester's financial aid programs, please call (585) 275-3226 or (800) 881-8234.



  • The following services are provided at no cost to HEOP students.
  • ECO Summer Program
  • Tutorial assistance
  • Counselor support
  • Study skills development
  • Career development opportunities
  • Academic advising
  • Educational workshops & symposia
  • Leadership training

HEOP Requirements

  1. Complete and submit all Financial Aid forms by the February 1 deadline
  2. Attend the Early Connection Opportunity program
  3. Meet with assigned HEOP counselor on a regular basis
  4. Maintain satisfactory academic progress
For more information, please write or call:
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