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Social media and a host of other modern technologies allow people across the globe to instantly communicate and interact as never before.  It is a bold new world we live in.

However, this bold new world has also forced us to confront differences in culture and religious belief – in sheer scale and immediacy—as never before. As “global” citizens of this bold new world, we owe it to ourselves to fully understand different religions and cultures—including how the ancient roots of these religions and cultures continue to shape current events.

That is the mission of the Department of Religion and Classics.


Our faculty includes experts in all of the world’s major religions; in Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and Arabic languages; and in Arabic, Greek, and Roman cultures. View our Faculty Directory.

Undergraduate Program

The department offers bachelor of arts degrees in religion and in classics, and minors in religion, classics, and Arabic. Learn more about the undergraduate program.

Seminars, reading courses, and the senior tutorial allow students to conduct intensive studies of particular topics. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in internships and study abroad to better appreciate the continuing impact and influence of different religions and cultures in the world around us.

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