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Department Directory

Andreatta, Michela

Lecturer in Hebrew

Office: 420 Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-7465


Research Interests: Literary and intellectual history of Italian Jews from the medieval to the early modern period; Italian Hebrew poetry, particularly devotional and elegiac; Christian Hebraists of Renaissance Italy; Venetian Jewry

Beaumont, Daniel E.

Associate Professor of Arabic Language and Literature

Office: 436 Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-5224


Research Interests: Arabic Languages and Literature

Brooks, Douglas R.

Professor of Religion

Office: 433 Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-9369


Brooks, Suzanne

Administrative Assistant

Office: 428 Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-5378


Cadorette, Curt

John Henry Newman Associate Professor of Catholic Studies

Office: 438 Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-9368


Research Interests: Catholicism in the Americas; Liberation Theology

Chao, Shin-yi

Associate Professor of Religion

Office: 430A Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-9644


Research Interests: Chinese Religions

Colantoni, Elizabeth

Assistant Professor of Classics

Office: 429 Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-9360


Research Interests: Roman, Italic, and Etruscan Art and Archaeology; Roman religion; early Rome

Dubler, Joshua

Assistant Professor of Religion

Office: 428A Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-4756


Research Interests: Religion in America

Geier, Alfred

Associate Professor of Classics

Office: 419 Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-9360


Research Interests: Greek literature and thought; Plato

Green, William Scott

Professor Emeritus and Dean Emeritus of the College
Philip S. Bernstein Professor Emeritus of Judaic Studies


Gresens, Nicholas

Lecturer in Classics

Office: 435 Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-5112


Research Interests: Latin and Greek Language; Imperial Greek Prose; Ancient Geography, Topography, and Historiograpy

Guillory, Margarita Simon

Assistant Professor of Religion

Office: 431 Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-7780


Research Interests: African-American Religions; American Religious History

Homerin, T. Emil

Professor of Religion and Chair

Office: 424 Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-4760


Research Interests: Islam; Arabic Literature; Mysticism

Hughes, Aaron W.

Philip S. Bernstein Professor of Jewish Studies

Office: 430 Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-9359


Research Interests: Jewish Studies; Islam; Method and Theory of Religion

Merideth, Anne

Senior Lecturer in Religion and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Office: 434 Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-9367


Research Interests: New Testament; History and Literature of Early Christianity

Rubel, Nora

Associate Professor of Religion; Director, Susan B Anthony Institute for Gender and Women's Studies

Office: 425 Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-7215


Research Interests: American Judaism; Religion and Foodways

Wierenga, Edward

Professor of Religion and of Philosophy

Office: 432 Rush Rhees Library

Phone: (585) 275-9370


Research Interests: Philosophy of Religion; Philosophical Theology