Graduate Studies

English as a Second Language

ESL for AS&E Graduate Students

Week 12

This week we will be finishing up our study of consonants/word endings.

We will also be looking at some macro "cheats" to improve academic and business writing. When we write in a second language, there are endless "micro" errors to correct - word misuses, article omissions, verb tense errors and so on. Because of the sundry and nearly infinite nature of these types of micro mistakes, it can be difficult to develop a comprehensive, logical program to improve micro errors. However, research has shown that attention the "macro" aspects of writing - that is, sentence and paragraph structure - may be the most efficient way to improve writing. So we'll be looking at some strategies that may be new to you.

This week's materials:

Due Dates of Assignments/Readings:

Monday November 24, 2014- Homework 7 is due before class.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 - NO CLASS. This is the day before Thanksgiving.

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