Graduate Studies

English as a Second Language

ESL for AS&E Graduate Students

Week 2

This week we will explore how to give more effective explanations and presentations (in the context of being a TA). Is it only accent that causes students to have difficulty understanding international TAs or are there other factors in play?

We will also begin to address pronouncing the ends of words. Research has shown that the beginnings and the ends (as opposed to the middles) of words are what listeners most heavily rely on when interpreting speech. Yet, each language has unique rules about what kinds of sounds are "allowed" to end words. Often times, non-native English speakers modify the ends of English words to match their native language's rules. We will begin to address these kinds of issues.

This week's materials:

Due Dates of Assignments/Readings:

September 15, 2014 - Read Sarkisian, pp. 30-38 (before the beginning of class).

September 17, 2014 - Come prepared to present homework_2.

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