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Undergraduate Programs

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

2018 Optics Opportunities

Name: Jannick Rolland
Department: Optics
Research area: OCT for Medical Applications
Lab website

Project Description

Imaging and Sensing Tissues with Laser Light

The objective of this project is to bring biophotonics technology developed in our laboratory to solving healthcare challenges. We are currently working on skin imaging (e.g. guiding Mohs surgery - a surgical procedure performed in dermatology to remove skin cancer, imaging psoriasis to assess the effectiveness of various treatments, and studying aspects of skin in relation to cosmetics goals), non-invasive corneal imaging for ophthalmology looking at classifying corneal diseases in humans and also studying endothelial cells migration in mice, and mapping the physical properties of engineered as well as human tissues. All these projects involve strong collaborations with faculty and staff members over the medical center. This project may be especially attractive for a student in BME pursuing a minor in optics.

Probabilistic Models of Human-Robot Communication in Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics: As the sophistication of tasks that assistive and rehabilitation robots are able to perform increases, so does the need for efficient and concise communication of information between the human and machine. Probabilistic approaches to human-robot communication show promise in their ability to reason about the uncertainty in the objectives conveyed by the person and in formation that is to be relayed by the machine.

This project will involve the design and implementation of a robot behavior on an assistive or rehabilitation robotics platform (e.g. opening a door, drinking from a cup, reacquiring range of motion and/or strength in a joint) and the implementation and training of models for communicating to/from the platform before, during, and after execution of the behavior.