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Guest Artist Masterclass - Tom Schneller, film music scholar

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  • Location:
    Eastman School Howard Hanson Hall
  • Date:
    Monday, November 13, 2017
  • Time:
    12:30 PM to 1:55 PM
Event Description

From his website:

"I am a film music reseacher, writer, lecturer, and composer. My area of specialty is American film music, with a particular focus on the work of Bernard Herrmann and John Williams. Issues of style and form in film music have been of particular interest to me, and I have published articles on modular form, leitmotif technique, and teleological genesis in The Musical Quarterly, Popular Music History, and The Journal of Film Music. I wrote my dissertation on the music of Bernard Herrmann.

Although in recent years I have focused on musicological and music-theoretical writing, my educational background is in composition. I obtained my Doctor of Musical Arts from Cornell University, where I studied with Steven Stucky, Roberto Sierra, and David Rosen, and my Masters degree in composition from the Cincinnati College-Conservatory, where I studied with Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon.

I am currently working as a lecturer in music history at Ithaca College, where I have taught survey courses in all periods of western music from antiquity to the present, as well as orchestration and post-tonal theory. I have also taught as a lecturer in music history and music theory at Cornell University. I live in Ithaca, in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, with my wife Lenora and my sons Theo and Julian."

This masterclass is free and open to the public.

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