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Senators by School

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* Serving second consecutive term – ineligible for reelection

+ Senate Executive Committee / Ex Officio member

Arts, Sciences and Engineering

Name Department Term Expires
Loisa Bennetto Clinical & Social Psychology 2018
Nick Bigelow* Physics & Astronomy 2018
Mark Bocko Electrical & Computer Engineering 2020
Eldred Chimowitz*+ Chemical Engineering 2019
John Covach Music 2019
Daniel Gildea Computer Science 2020
John Kessler Earth and Environmental Sciences 2018
Jennifer Kruschwitz Optics 2019
Amy Lerner Biomedical Engineering 2020
Kevin McFarland+ Physics & Astronomy 2019
Nora Rubel Religion & Classics 2018
Joan Rubin* History 2018
Michael Scott+ Computer Science 2019
Judith Smetana* Clinical & Social Psychology 2018
Randall Stone* Political Science 2020

Eastman School of Music

Name Department Term Expires
Zack Bernstein Music Theory 2020
Melina Esse Musicology 2019
Henry Klumpenhouwer+ Music Theory 2019
Seth Monahan Music Theory 2019

School of Medicine and Dentistry

Name Department Term Expires
Yousaf Ali* Medicine 2018
Jean Bidlack*+ Pharmacology & Physiology 2019
John Bisognano Medicine 2020
Colleen Davis Emergency Medicine 2019
Chunkit Fung Public Health Science 2020
Theresa Green Public Health Science 2020
Scott Hartman Family Medicine 2020
Philip Katzman* Pathology & Lab Medicine 2018
Camille Martina Public Health Science 2018
Ravi Misra Pediatrics 2020
Nimish Mohile Neurology 2020
Anne Nofziger+ Family Medicine 2019
Joseph Reis Imaging Sciences 2019
Chris Seplaki Public Health Science 2018
Mark Shelly Medicine 2020
Eugene Storozynsky Medicine 2020
Ping Tang Pathology & Lab Medicine  
Edward Vates Neurosurgery  

School of Nursing

Name Department Term Expires
Feng Lin Nursing 2019
LaRon Nelson+ Nursing 2018
Lisa Norsen+ Nursing 2018
Karen Stein* Nursing 2018

Simon Business School

Name Department Term Expires
Rajiv Dewan Business Administration 2018
Avi Seidman+ Business Administration 2018

Warner School of Education

Name Department Term Expires
Nancy Ares Teaching & Curriculum 2020
Mary Jane Curry*+ Teaching & Curriculum 2020
Dena Swanson*+ Counseling & Human Development 2019


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