University of Rochester

Office of University Audit

Staff Members

Salim M. Alani, CPA, CIA, CISA, CFE
(585) 275-2291

Senior Manager, Audit:
Chris W. Butler, CPA
(585) 275-1099
Audit Specialties: Sponsored Programs Audits, Horizontal Audits, Management Audits and Business Process Reviews

IT Audit Manager:
Shirley F. Brown, CISA
(585) 276-3501
Audit Specialties: Business Process Reviews, Horizontal Audits and Management Audits

Senior Process Consultant:
Don Burrell, MBA
(585) 274-1018
Audit Specialties: Quality Management Practices, Business Process Reviews and Management Audits

Senior Auditor:
Scott M. Lawlor, MBA
(585) 275-8536
Audit Specialties: Horizontal Audits, Construction Audits, Business Process Reviews and Internal Controls

Senior Auditor:
Madelynn J. Mueller, MPH, MBA
(585) 275-8954
Audit Specialties: Healthcare, Management Audits and Business Process Reviews

Senior Audit Consultant:
Paul Rath, CPA
(585) 275-1102
Audit Specialties: Horizontal Audits, Business Process Reviews, Healthcare, Management Audits, Construction Audits and External Audit Assistance

Senior Auditor:
David M. Rotoli
(585) 274-1118
Audit Specialties: Construction Audits, Business Process Reviews, Internal Controls, Management Audits, External Audit Assistance

Manager, Audit:
Debi M. Russell, CPA, CFE
(585) 275-1101
Audit Specialties: Healthcare, Faculty Practice Reviews, Fraud Investigations, Management Audits and Business Process Reviews

Principal Consultant, Information Technology Audit:
(585) 275-7491
Audit Specialties: Information Technology, Information Systems Security, Information Systems Architecture, Business Process Reviews and Management Audits

Senior Auditor:
Kathryn M Snyder, MHA, CPA
(585) 275-7473
Audit Specialties: Healthcare, Sponsored Research Audits, Management Audits, Business Process Reviews

Audit Department Contact Info:
P.O. Box 278931
Rochester, New York 14627
Fax: (585) 256-3444

Intramural Mail:
RC Box 278931