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Office Of The Bursar

Tuition and Fees: 2014-15
Undergraduates in Arts, Sciences, and Engineering

  Semester Year   Description
Tuition $23,075 $46,150   Charged to all full-time undergraduate students
Activity Fee 138 276   A fee to support student activities
Health Fee (mandatory) 252 504   Supports basic health services for all full-time students; charged to all full-time students regardless of health insurance coverage.
Room Rent 4,173 8,346   Standard room rate; double occupancy
Students in Riverview pay $4,637 per semester
Students in Brooks Crossing pay $4,637 per semester
Students in O’Brien Hall pay $4,405 per semester
Students in Southside pay $3,955 per semester
Housing Social fee 7 14   Supports social activities in the residence halls.
Meal Plan – 150 Pass Plan 2,646 5,292   Minimum meal plan requirement for students in Susan B. Anthony, Gilbert, Hoeing, Lovejoy (freshmen) & Tiernan. See below for other meal plan options.
Transportation fee 15 30   Supports buses used for entertainment & convenience purposes; charged to all full-time students.
Post Office Box fee 28 56   Required for all students living on campus.
Other Fees:
Fall Orientation fee   266   Charged in the first semester to all new students.
Spring Orientation fee   133   Charged for mid-year admission.
Health Insurance   2304  

Required for all students who do not have health insurance coverage; fall $960.00 & spring $1,344.00.

Senior Class fee 25 50   All seniors pay $50 in their senior year to support senior class activities.
Hajim Equipment fee 438 876   All engineering students in their junior or senior year will pay $876 for this fee for this year.
Monthly Payment Plan fee 25 50   Charged to students who elect this option
International Student fee   25   Charged to all students with an F1 or J1 Visa type.
Inactive Status fee 60 120   Charged to students on inactive status.
Chemistry Lab fee       $111 per course; charged for CHM 131, 132, 173, 207, 208, 210, 231, 232 and 234.

Meal Plan Options: Semester Year
Meliora Unlimited Pass Plan $2,758 $5,516
Blue Unlimited Pass Plan 2,646 5,292
150 Pass Plan 2,646 5,292
125 Pass Plan 2,424 4,848
Option A Dining Declining 2,646 5,292
Option B Dining Declining 2,424 4,848
Option C Dining Declining 2,067 4,134
Option D Dining Declining 981 1,962
Commuter Declining Plan 321 642

Meal plan requirements are assigned by Residential Group.  The minimum requirements are as follows:
Resident Group 1: Susan B. Anthony, Gilbert, Hoeing, Lovejoy (freshmen), Tiernan 150 Pass Plan
Resident Group 2: Burton, Crosby, Fairchild, Kendrick, Lovejoy (upperclassmen), Munro, O’Brien, Slater (Any house on the fraternity without access to a kitchen) Option A Dining Declining
Resident Group 3: Anderson, Chambers, Gale, Wilder Option C Dining Declining
Resident Group 4: Brook’s Crossing, DeKiewiet, Douglass Leadership House, Drama House, Valentine, the Maisonettes, Riverview, Sig Ep Option D Dining Declining
Off Campus Requirements:   All students have a minimum requirement of the Commuter Declining Plan each semester but may select from all meal options.